Source: Elite Fleeing Los Angeles Ahead Of April 28th Nuke Event

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

This is from a contributor named Buttercup on the GLP forums.  She posts..

“In my 10 years of being a real estate agent in LA, I have never seen AN EXODUS like this one.

“Maps of Stars Homes” have now become “Maps of Stars Homes FOR SALE”. Everyone is bailing out of Los Angeles this month, drastically reducing their mansions by millions of dollars, taking enormous losses, and are DESPERATE TO SELL ASAP.

Here is the current list of the stars who are bugging out:

  • adam brody
  • america ferrera
  • amy smart
  • anna nicole smith(yes she’s gone already but the estate)
  • ashlee simpson
  • avril lavigne
  • bert lahr
  • beth grant
  • charlize theron
  • cher
  • dennis quaid
  • dick clark(estate)
  • the rock dwayne jonson
  • elvis presley(estate)
  • frankie muniz
  • heath ledger(estate)
  • heidi klum
  • hilary duff
  • hillary swank
  • howie mandel
  • kd lang
  • kara dioguardi
  • kate walsh
  • katherine heigl
  • kelsey grammer
  • lauren conrad
  • mathew perry
  • megan mullully
  • nick lachey
  • penelope cruz
  • pierce brosnan
  • pink
  • reese witherspoon
  • robin williams
  • sally feilds
  • tori spelling
  • wayne brady
  • zsa zsa gabor(estate)

This is just a partial list, still not including movie directors, producers, and the millions of “movie industry” people in LA.

What do they know?

Where are they going?

I have never seen a massive exodus like this….

I’m a bit uneasy about this situation.”

On April 21st, 2013, BIN Reporter Live Free or Die posted an article stating a Facebook page had been set up depicting a nuclear explosion in L.A. Could LA elite be fleeing this event?  Do they know this is going to happen?  If so, they don’t have much time left.  -Mort

19 thoughts on “Source: Elite Fleeing Los Angeles Ahead Of April 28th Nuke Event

  1. Advance knowledge of a future event? I would like to know where these Hollyweird people are moving to.

  2. A financial event maybe. I doubt a nuclear one. California has some of the highest taxes. I can’t imagine wasting my money to live in some mansion just to keep up with the Jones.

  3. Sad to hear that the celebrities that are leaving are the ones that I feel their demise would not be such a bad thing, (Hell in Degenerate and the guy that played dookie holelover howser) these type of people.

  4. I would like confirmation from someone other than “Buttercup” that it’s even happening at all.
    An exodus of Jews is an ill omen indeed, and almost everyone working in Hollywood is a Jew, but please be careful before you panic and call your L.A. friends with dire warnings.
    This “beforeitsnews” site shovels a lot of disinfo. I wouldn’t believe anything they say without confirmation from another source.
    The tactic that’s probably in play here causes worry or fear among the readers of alternative news, who in turn call their friends in a panic and tell them the world is about to end (or whatever the impending catastrophe). When absolutely nothing happens, all of your friends that you tried to warn become convinced that you’re a “crazy conspiracy theorist” just like the TV told them, and they become convinced that the truth of all matters comes from the TV, and anyone who doesn’t believe what Walter Cronkite tells them is a lunatic.
    THAT is how crazy stories like this work to destroy our credibility, and keep people from joining our side. Right now we’re engaged in a propaganda war, which we need to keep winning because we need the support of the general population if we’re to be successful. You have to shoot just as straight with your info as you would with your rifle.

    1. Also: The Facebook page warnings they’re talking about came from “beforeitsnews” too, and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else.

      Anyone can set up a Facebook page. This also has the added benefit of discrediting the Sandy Hook Donation page set up by the United Way a day before the shooting. People will associate the real evidence with the bogus stuff.

      All I ask is that after absolutely nothing happens to L.A. on April 28th, that you stop going there for your “news,” and warn others about them too.

      1. Excellent points JR.

        This criminal gov’t is waging an information war,.. and Before Its News is one of their crown jewels.

        Although I have seen a few legitimate articles emerge on it, most articles (~ 90+%) are little more than do-do.

        Before Its News – The news source for Men-In-Black only.

        JD – US Marines

    2. Granted, BIN has a lot of bogus articles. I don’t dispute that fact. That is the reason I spend AT LEAST 2 – 4 hours every day sifting through their articles for viable ones. I’m lucky if I find one out of every 25 – 40 worth posting. But they do have some gems, IF someone is willing to take the time to search.

      But the bottom line is, Henry has the final say as to what he posts, so if you have a problem with what’s being posted, you’ll have to take it up with him.

      Also, if you have such a great dislike of BIN articles, why do you even bother to post on them?

      Just curious.

    3. btw JR, you do realize that BIN posts many of the articles Henry has written, as well as the ones I’ve written. Very likely the ones you’ve written also.

      So, by your standards, this automatically disqualifies them as credible?

  5. Yes there is an exodus from California but it has more to do with increasing taxation, high cost of living, little opportunity, police state gone wild, hordes of illegals overloading the system, homeless people bum rushing you for money almost everywhere you go and I could go on. LA and SoCal is not the kind of place you want to get stuck in if anything happens at all. So there is partly some truth to this.

  6. Hey All Nobody mentions the FUKASHIMA nuke catastrophy in japan or the new “acceptable radiation” levels in food this nuke complex is wide open lost nuke core pouring 20,000 + gals of nuke water into the pacific daily .

    1. and notice how we are not hearing anything about the leaks in Washington state,,, think that wont affect everyones ground water within a hundred miles?????
      Loook at my right hand…… noooo the right handdd,,, never mind the left its doing nothing!

      1. Hey Kula did you ever see “lucky # slevin” where bruce willis calls it “the kansas city shuffle”

  7. Okay…I work in Hollywood for Warner Brothers–9 years now, 24 years in the Film/TV industry. TNT is our network. Enough said there. I know big “celebrities” ( I hate that word).
    Let me first say, Hollywood actors are SEVERELY over indulged…SEVERELY! If I could bold and italicize that word, I would. Celebrities, directors and producers are NOT the elite, I can assure you of that. Elites are Billionaires, not millionaires. Elites own governments not mansions. Elites invest their money, not snort it.
    Every A list ACTOR I know personally, have homes, ranches, country club condos, and lodges around the world. California/LA is their workplace, they head to Malibu for some R&R, shop in SM and head for NY, Montana or Mexico to live for 6 months. That’s how it’s always been.
    The list of “celebrities” bailing L.A. is a drop in the bucket people! Wake up and stop letting celebrities dictate how you think and behave. Grow your own brain. I myself, a crew member am also moving from LA next month. Why? Because it’s too F*%&^ng expensive!!,, it takes 2 1/2 hours to drive 23 miles! Commute time in traffic from HW to SM is 1 hour…13 miles! 25$ for a chicken, $55 for a pizza, salad and 2 beers, $70 for a parking citation. I think everyone should move from LA.

  8. JR, great posts. You are knowledgable, rational and intelligent. Qualities which help, rather than marginalize our fight to raise awareness and to defend the concept of a free society.

  9. Who is willing to test this prediction by deliberately arranging to be in LA on the 28th?

    Nothing is likely to happen but are you willing to go to LA and chance it?

      1. Hahaha! #1, you won’t leave. You’ll be sitting in Starbucks and waiting for the LAPD to arrive so you can take out as many of those scumbags as you can. Dirty Harry style. lol

        1. Not even. I’m heading up to my brothers the night before.

          Just in case there ISN’T a banana in that tailpipe. 🙂

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