Sources expect judge to render verdict in Stockley case Friday

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ST. LOUIS ( – Multiple sources with law enforcement and the court system tell News 4 they expect Judge Timothy Wilson to render a verdict in the first-degree murder trial of Jason Stockley on Friday.

While sources indicate the decision is Friday, the method in which the judge would render a verdict, as well as exact time and place, remain unclear.

The highly anticipated verdict has caused for preparations to be made outside of the courthouse. Barricades were seen outside of the Carnahan Courthouse earlier in the month after activists warned of mass disruption if no conviction was given.  

Legally, the judge may render a verdict in writing, or during a public hearing.

Thursday morning, officers with the St. Louis County Police Department said they had not been given official notice that a verdict would be released.

On September 5, St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson released a video in which she said the community was ‘on edge’ ahead of the verdict. She also said she is aware there is a lot of anxiety and worry in the community but that people should not let that determine how they treat one another.

“Ask ourselves how we might feel if it were our son, daughter, mother, father, or friend at the center of this legal decision. Ask ourselves if we can turn this anxiety and distrust into something constructive,” the mayor said.

Raw video: Surveillance, dash cam video of Stockley shooting investigation

Stockley, a former St. Louis Police Officer, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Anthony Smith, who was shot and killed following a police chase in 2011.

During the trial, which began with opening statements on August 1, the prosecution argued that Stockley intended to kill, fired a “kill shot” and planted a gun following the fatal shooting. An FBI expert testified that one shot was fired at Smith from less than six inches away. Some of the questioning focused on a portion of cell phone video where Stockley was seen taking off his gloves. Police officers who testified during the trial said they wouldn’t take off gloves if they were about to handle evidence.

The dash camera video starts at a local fast food place. Stockley is seen with his personal AK-47, which is against department policy to have. He’s also seen taking shots at Smith’s car with his duty weapon.

The dash camera also shows Stockley rifling through a bag in the back of the police car, but his body blocks what he retrieves. The defense argued he was going to retrieve a medical pad in order the render aid. An officer during the trial stated that no one attempted to render aid to Smith at the scene.

The defense argued that Smith created the violent encounter and fled from Stockley and his partner. They also claimed a gun was not planted and that Stockley acted in self-defense and reasonably.

Stockley took the stand in his own defense during the trial. When he took the stand, he stated he was carrying his personal AK-47 because he valued his life and other people’s lives over the department policy that states personal weapons cannot be carried.

The trial concluded with closing statements on August 9, with the judge stating it would be days or weeks before a verdict was reached.

Stockley was the first on-duty officer to be charged in a shooting case since 2000. He previously waived his right to a jury trial.

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