South Dakota lawmaker proposes lower drinking age for members of military

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PIERRE, S.D. — A Republican lawmaker wants to lower the drinking age for members of the military to 18 in South Dakota.

Rep. Tim Goodwin’s bill says bars and retailers could serve 18-year-old active duty, reserve and National Guard service members who show valid military identification cards. 

The bill has a legislative hearing scheduled Jan. 31.

Goodwin says if someone is willing to fight and die for their country, they should be treated as an adult.

Current federal law, passed in 1984, says any state with a drinking age lower than 21 can lose 8 percent of federal highway funding.

5 thoughts on “South Dakota lawmaker proposes lower drinking age for members of military

  1. Well… that’s just gr8.

    Now we have to deal with drunken fags and 18 year old dike lesbians. .

    Starting fights off post at the first bar off the base.

    God help us.

    Ever see an army ranger punch somebody in the throat with a hay raker while you’re playing in a top 40 club.

    Well I have…
    This guy dropped like a crack rock being smoked by Marion Barry… That btch set me up.!

    That’s back when rangers weren’t gay.

    Uh…and just for clarity.

    These were a couple of big azz white sourthern boys.

    Evidently. . It doesn’t matter what color you..

    Somebody…somewhere is gonna get tired of your bullsht.

  2. The military often restricts access to alcohol for the first year anyways. Junior enlisted often are confined to base housing the resembles a hotel. Without the service. Either multi person open bays like one would see in full metal jacket movie, or, a 1-4 person room with bed, stand and desk space. A small vertical locker or a 4×8 per person closet and probably a shared toilet and shower room between rooms or. Think a dorm on the nicer side. Or full metal jacket movie. Thats what any non married and some married live for a few stretches.

    My point.
    19 for military persons, on base, i believe can work.
    Ive seen it. It already happens over seas where the local drinking age may be lower or none at all.

    If you join at 25
    You most likely will have a hard time drinking in the first year even as a grown person.

    That being said. I managed just fine.

  3. Maybe he needs to consult with the Non- Commissioned Officer Corps before suggesting these types of proposals. I could go on forever about this topic, But I’ll just end here by saying stupid decision, based on my experience, and I hope it doesn’t pass.

  4. Next thing you know, some idiot lawmaker will make the drinking age 16, then send these drunkards off the war (for Israel of course), then lose the war since endless war only works of you make sure the enemy side is just as incompetent (but imagine drunken soldiers vs. hardened Russians, Chinese or North Koreans?)…after all, all teens want to join the military just to be able to get wasted at age 16…. (might work though if HS diplomas are part of the equation). It’s as if “lawmakers” are setting the US military up for complete failure (but that’s okay if Israel dumps us and latches onto the Russians or Chinese, know what I mean? 😉 )

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