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Space Billboards are Coming to a Night Sky Near You

Waking Times – by Vic Bishop

Forget the arms race for a moment and consider what technology companies are doing to participate in the emerging space economy. From space tours to the implementation of 5G satellites, the final frontier for capitalism is outer space. So, naturally, tech companies are finding new ways to make space-related services valuable to the earth economy, and one of these schemes is selling ad space in the sky.

Can you imagine looking up in the night sky to see a McDonald’s ad floating in light amongst the stars?  

Russian marketing company is supposedly working on the development of networkable, illuminating satellite arrays that could coordinate in the upper atmosphere to create words and logos in the sky.

“The plan, as demonstrated in a StartRocket video (above), is to use the satellites to light up different messages for up to six minutes at a time, with the constellation located between 250 and 310 miles above Earth. The video shows the satellites getting into formation to spell out the word “Hello.” Next up is an upside-down McDonald’s logo floating through the night sky, and then a message from KFC tempting us with its greasy goodies.” [Source]

See the pics and read the rest here: Waking Times

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7 Responses to Space Billboards are Coming to a Night Sky Near You

  1. Angel-NYC says:

    Not a new idea. The first time I heard of it was 1990. Against it then and against it now.

    It’s a Bird! A Plane! It’s an Ad? Billboard Idea Launches Fight

    SpaceBillboard, the first billboard in Space ready for launch

    The Bizarre Idea of Space Billboards

  2. NC says:

    Great. Now I’ll be FORCED to read, “I’m loving it” whenever I look up in the sky wherever I’m at. Just what I always wanted. Now there’s nowhere to hide from the Big Mac. Can’t these bastards just leave us in peace and enjoy life without having ads spit at us 24/7? I don’t need a TV in the sky. One of the reasons why I no longer watch TV is because I don’t wish to see the latest feel good medical drug with the 20 minute list of side effects blasted in my ear or in my face every 5 minutes.

    God HELP US ALL!!!

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