2 thoughts on “Spanish Flu Did Not Kill 50,000,000 Vaccines Did and They Are Repeating the Same Pattern Again Now.

  1. Why didn’t anyone ever complain about calling it “Spanish flu”. It had even less to do with Spain (actually nothing at all), than Chinese flu did with its place of origin in Wuhan, china! lol

  2. re. coment-
    Is there DEFINITE proof the norona originated in China?
    Is there DEFINITE proof that the norona is a “bioweapon”?
    These are Q memes released into the internet air to muddy the waters beyond the simple explanation that this is all BS.
    Since virology is based on germ “theory”, that’s all it is, and should be classified under political science.
    Virology, like climate science exists to promote false narratives. Virology, dominated by germ theory, exists in order to substantiate VACCINES.
    Virology is used to blame the theoretical thingy called a virus for global sicknesses. When, in reality, these global effects are likely from environmental human caused stimulai, like pollution, EMF, even psychological factors.
    If people want to talk Wuhan Luke and “bioweapon”, they do the work for the adrenochrome gnomes.
    I appreciate the reasoning in this vid, as it seeks a simple Occam’s explanation!

    If people haven’t watched RFB interview with Dawn Lester and David Parker on their book “What Really Makes You Ill”, it’s down the same path.

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