6 thoughts on “Special Report: A Worst Case Scenario Is Unfolding

  1. “We can’t have a revolution in this country, there’s not enough of us. We’ll be squashed like bugs. And that is the shame of it all.”
    Greg, you’re sadly mistaken. We outnumber the people that are still voting and paying homage to the dem/repub clown show. This will be a righteous fight to enforce our ratified law, THE Bill of Rights.
    “We are not each others enemies.” True that Greg!

    1. He must have said that past four minutes in. I couldn’t tolerate listening to the idiot longer than that.

    2. (imo) when he spoke with regard to revolution I took it in context with what the American people did after the first bailout……NOTHING

  2. Don’t tell me I can’t have a revolution
    I’ve been waiting my entire adult life for one to pop off
    As far as being “squashed like bugs” that’s a defeatist attitude and I won’t stand for it
    Get yer balls out of your wife’s purse and get your shit together
    We’re going to have one weather you like it or not
    Will a lot of us die in it ?
    Absolutely, so get right with the lord
    Quit fearing death
    And get your game face on

    Dam soy boys fcking it up for us patriots

  3. This guy is a two bit shill trying to sell me horseshit so I’ll throw my hands up and f-king surrender. It is these people who are just finding out that there is a whole other world out here. He did a fine job describing 18-20% of the population that are from his world. This f-king punk wouldn’t last a week just surviving in my world. He is another one who thinks he can take a handful and sell it as a majority.
    It is just like the gun thing. If they could do it, try to convince yourself they wouldn’t have already done it.
    The deal is the people are waking up by the hordes so the enemy needs as many voices out there shouting, “Resistance is futile” because this is the only weapon they have left.
    Tell you what, Mr. Pencil Neck, you are not me and you are not from my world. You are an enemy propagandist preaching defeatism for a bunch of old propagandists whose time has passed.
    The enemies’ plans are known because in their arrogance they wanted them to be known because they really thought that if they could get a handful of their communist brethren to put on a production of handing over their liberty and their means to hold it, that the duh sheeple would just jump off the cliff behind them. Well the duh sheeple are in your world, mother f-ker, and the heavily armed American nationals of the American race outnumber the duh sheeple nobodies like you thousands to one.
    Tell your old propagandist bosses you can’t sell this shit in our world, you are going to have to come and face us the old Irish way and that is when you are going to find out who we are and how many. It is the only way you are going to find out, so shove your defeatism up your pussy and bring your scenario on, because until then, you f-king traitor, all you and the boogie man have is talk.

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