17 thoughts on “Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine

  1. And who’s sitting there with their feet up on the desk looking mighty pleased? Hmmm…

    Donbas guy exposes Ukraine being under U.S. rule but doesn’t expose U.S. being under Israel. Definitely wants us on Putin’s team.

    And what about Celente? Doesn’t he know the bigger story by this time? Or is he at the gate?


      1. Interesting. Mr. Direct Democracy Celente interviewing and getting information from a now Russian Communist soldier.

        Shh!!! But don’t say that to Celente during his interview. That would expose him as a traitor. We still need him for controlled opposition.

      2. Meanwhile, George Soro’s People’s army….er Convoy is on its way to surround and occupy….er liberate DC for us just like they did in a Canada.

        No mention of a Constitutional Republic or Bill of Rights. I’m sure it’s just an honest mistake, though. (Sarcasm)

    1. “Donbas guy exposes Ukraine being under U.S. rule but doesn’t expose U.S. being under Israel.”
      Of course not.
      Bring up the kosher clowns and the cheese check gets cut off.
      I don’t like either of these peckerheads, but they are spitting out some reality (emphasis on the word some).
      I really don’t care if they kick the crap out of each other over there. My concern is with my people.
      But am concerned about the hate russia push to the USA USA USA crown. They’d believe a shrimp could whistle if the read it in one of the propaganda rags.
      I suppose we could restock east Europe with the blind/deaf fools over here when we’re done enforcing our law. 🙂

  2. The spin doctors sure are clear about which “side” they want US to support.

    I guess it works on the small brain folks who believe these are the only options and is somehow any of our concern.

    Akin to the l/r, d/r, c/l paradigm when the whole bit is a kosher ruse.

    1. Playing all sides is “their” game.
      Even though “they” know how it ends.
      M-O-O-N. That spells matzo.

  3. Defund the media… saw a sticker on a truck!!! Good luck!!!!! THEY NEED TO BE BLACKED OUT!!!!! In the meantime we overcome there forces…100,000,000 plus AMERICAN NATIONALS Ready…. waiting!! Show your special forces Please!!! Bill Of Rights!!!!

    1. Yup they took RT off the tv. If that’s the case take them all off. Can’t have that, we are to only see their spin.

  4. Me personally, I’m keeping a close eye on this. Don’t know what is planned for the American Nationals but I know they are testing waters. Like Henry says “get your mind straight”. Love you guys and galls. We stand with our law, soon enough we are all in the jungle. Guerrilla warfare, it is what it is. Prayers for all.

    1. This is correct Misty…..!

      Next move (if they intend to expand this WW3 BS) is a very big FF blaming the Ruskies…! And then it’s 911 all over again…

      Break out the plastic Chinese made USA American flags..!!

      Fk um; the only flag I have is the Bill of rights flag….

      Everyone should get one …!

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