Speech in 1967 Foretold America in 2022

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People talk of Civil War in America but one man made a speech at UCLA in 1967 that told us the two conditions that would take America from disturbances and turmoil to full blown revolution.

He had noted the anti-police activity of the Left in the 1960s which had the approval of the Elite from New York City. They wanted to destroy Law and Order to make way for a dictatorial rule by them. He saw phony conservatives of his day who campaigned for restoring Law and Order but never would do what it took to change anything. This continues today in the form of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

In that speech at UCLA in 1967 that man made a prediction for the future that is taking place now that will set the tone for a revolution as soon as 2022 or shortly thereafter. The second element needed for revolution against the Powers That Be, the Bankers of New York City, is Hyperinflation.

He said in 1967 at UCLA that Hyperinflation would destroy the lives of everyone. They would be so angry that there would be no limits on what they would do to be made whole. That speech was made by George Lincoln Rockwell.

Hint:The US debt to GDP ratio under Biden is worse than Greece’s in 2010 when it was bailed out by the IMF.

I have previously written an article entitled $200 Grocery Bill Soon To Become $12,000.

Higher food prices will spark a rebellion which will become Civil War 2.0. I have said for many years that America will face Nationwide Food Riots. These riots could happen before the 2022 elections in November of that year though the coming Hyperinflation might only become apparent to food buyers until after the 2022 congressional elections. They might only see sharply higher food prices. Some time ago I concluded that Hyperinflation will not begin until we reach a 25% annual inflation rate. We survived 19% inflation rates under President Jimmy Carter. Warning, the statistics coming from DC are lies. I would prefer to trust Shadow Stats’ numbers.

As I previously explained, the key to a surge in prices will be expectations of higher prices which will prompt people to go out and buy now before prices rise. This will increase the Velocity or turnover of the money supply. In the formula M x V = P x T, Prices times Transactions is our GDP. And M x V is our Money Stock or Supply times the Velocity or Turnover as in a $10 trillion money supply can support a $15 trillion GDP with a turnover of 1.5.

Bank of America did a survey of business leaders and found that in their opinion prices were to go straight up in 2021-2022. Suppose Joe Biden doubles the money supply. You might suspect a doubling of prices. But if people turn money over more quickly to spend their dollars before prices rise again, that turnover of our money supply could double from 1.5 to 3.0 which could quadruple prices. And that would prompt rioters and looters to destroy every city in the US which could lead to Civil War.

It seems George Lincoln Rockwell did predict America’s future in 2022.

This is the speech George Lincoln Rockwell made at UCLA in 1967:


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