Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatens passengers

Nov 6, 2020

Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatens passengers who don’t wear mask properly with arrest, to be put on no fly list for life.

Claims “we are government officials,” threatens passengers with 20 years in prison & $250,000 fine.

3 thoughts on “Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatens passengers

  1. Good!
    lets crash air travel too , no pun intended

    remember lady whos paying your rent, , its we the people who will no longer be flying for many reasons
    and if 1/2 of us end up on a no fly list because you think you have the power over us , just remember that, when your sitting on yer ass at home trying to find a job that pays anywhere near what your useless skills paid you before
    No sympathy from me , you idiots

    I know plenty of people who used to fly a lot for pleasure and business , none of them have gone anywhere in a plane in the past 9 months
    and normally i would have had to fly at least twice , and i drove it instead

    Nice Job you had

    you know this is going to bring out the mask tyrants , with zero regard for what it will bring
    hell, air travel is already on the skids .. wakey wakey idiots

  2. That speech would have given me the inspiration to commandeer that plane straight into the ground at terminal velocity!
    Just to be rid of her, for the good of the many, for our the good of our Democracy. ;-|
    I haven’t flown since ’14, and it was not my choice. Glad it was a one way trip.
    I will never fly commercial again as it is so demeaning at every turn. It used to be a fun experience. Now it is something to be endured.
    The airline industry is killing itself, even with bailouts up the yingyang. https://reason.com/2020/09/10/airlines-are-asking-for-a-second-bailout-congress-should-say-no/
    Let ’em crash, all puns intended!

    1. It’s never been a fun experience in my recollection
      And my first experience with it was 1979 and it sucked than too

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