10 thoughts on “Split the Atom

    1. LOL… but one of their rabbis won an argument with God Himself.

      Their Talmud says so, so it must be true. 🙄

    1. So an LLC that runs national security stuff owns Texas A&M? So this company that will “manage” a laboratory that uses nuclear waste for whatever reason owns a university that also has a branch in Galveston that studies sea life (marine biology and marine fisheries are two of the majors at A&M Galveston)….gee I wonder if this company is going to dump their nucear waste into the Gulf of Mexico to see how it “affects” dolphins and yellow fin tuna and red snappers and hundreds of other underwater species? (Angel I can’t believe the U my son graduated from is owned by a company that runs nuclear waste sites like Los Alamos! Gig ’em?)

      Okay okay…partners with…same thing IMHO. 🙁

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