1. This is nearly as stupid as covid mania.
    How many ballots? We’re only 320,000,000, even less voters. The USPS delivers 181,900,000 pieces of mail every day! Ballots would be much less than Publisher’s Clearinghouse, Christmas, Mother’s Day….
    The postal system is the ONE positive thing government has accomplished. Surely, it could have been a private enterprise with competition, but it is too late for that now.
    The USPS had its pension raked through the coals a few years back as a way to dismantle it. The PAEA had imposed a burden on the pension plan by requiring excessive over-funding of the plan by double the standard. They were the only pension plan to require future funding for health insurance coverage for retirees.
    It seems that when the government has something that works, it will go to great lengths to “wrectify” the situation.

  2. Making their best effort to make “voting” appear like a legitimate function of a legitimate government, despite neither being true.

    Beside, doesn’t their mythical magical electoral college do the deciding, anyway?

    So what’s the big deal, even if things were how they say they are(they’re not), yours doesn’t carry any weight anyway?

    And for those that see through the smoke and B.S. it’s an overt act of treason, as it supports the illegitimate occupying enemy regime which seeks to annihilate what’s left of our supreme ratified law, the Bill of Rights.

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