Spy on Your Neighbors! (Remote Control Spy Drones)

Before It’s News – by BuzzHUD

Spying on your friends and neighbors was never so easy or fun as with the advent of Remote Control Drones with Real Working Spy Cameras.

Seriously, this tech already exists and is pretty cheap for anyone to own. So whether you are looking to beef up your Neighborhood Watch with your own Fleet of Drones or just want check out your neighbors from afar for some good clean fun, this could be your reality!  

Check Out This Drone In Action Including Video of What The Drone Can See



5 thoughts on “Spy on Your Neighbors! (Remote Control Spy Drones)

  1. This is creepy. No thanks.

    Besides, I could care less what my neighbors are doing. Most are probably planted firmly in front of the idiot boxes anyway.

    On the other hand, if they could carry a sizable charge……………..

  2. You don’t need RC at all anymore. Full autonomous flight can be had for only a few hundreds dollars. check out http://plane.ardupilot.com/

    There is meant to be an embedded youtube link above but I can only see it as an advertisement that is usually seen on this sites sidebars.
    Can anyone see the actual youtube clip? There seems to be a problem. It may be at my end so someone please respond.

      1. It’s now working for me too. Strange. My browser has been playing up especially video playback so time to reimage I guess.
        BTW: the addon for full autonomous flight + GPS and telemetry is about $220 US dollars.

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