One thought on “Staged Photo Shoot

  1. This isn’t surprising to me. About two weeks prior to Charlottesville, and for the following two weeks I was active on a forum (chatroom) for a group, I won’t mention. Some people were awaiting the day, as they planned to march in the “protest”. I stated there was no way I’d attend any event where the “enemy” has a substantial advance notice. In this case they, the enemy, had way too much time to concoct any scenario they wished. I got a negative reaction to my hypothesis. poo poo, oh that’s not going to happen. I then said ok, then some who plan to attend, should be on a mission to video record from various high places where known activity will occur. Record everything they can, as evidence to counter any propaganda by the media, later on. As far as I know, none took that to heart. Instead of clear undeniable HD video to easily counter the typical media propaganda. After the event, I saw nothing but various shaky ground level cell phone videos that proved little. The general rule for myself is, never attend any controversial event where the enemy has advanced notice, it’s a suicide mission at best, the deck will be stacked.
    It’s no surprise to me that the government would use the time they had to produce a scenario favorable to them and against the protestors in D.C.

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