Stand Together To Protect The Rights Of The Citizens Of The Old Dominion

Virginia 1-13

The citizens of Virginia stand in the face of an onslaught against their civil rights. We the people must be united against this tyranny and look for protection to the statutes and principles our dear state is founded upon. Virginia Constitution, Article 1, Section 13, makes clear the provision we have against this kind of attack.

In order to further unite our actions as the people, Virginia One Thirteen has drafted a resolution that seeks to follow the historical, civil provision for uniting our efforts in the formation of county militias for the defense of liberty for our people.


  • Service in the unorganized militia is the duty of all citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia per the Virginia Constitution and Code.
  • We are in the middle of an unprecedented attack on our natural right to own firearms to defend ourselves and our communities.
  • If disarmed we will be unable to fulfil our constitutional obligations as a member of the unorganized militia.
  • By having lawful civil authorities (local Board of Supervisors and Town/City Council) officially recognize the constitutional validity of the unorganized militia and regulate it at a local level, we can establish the lawful framework by which we can defend our individual rights of firearms ownership as members of the unorganized militia.
  • Such civil oversight is imperative to asserting these rights legitimately within the confines of the VA and US Constitutions and provides the legal foundation to defend such rights through the judicial process.
  • In addition to the legal and judicial protections established by this resolution, these measures provide an opportunity for citizens to come together in an organized manner and establish a network by which they can support each other and their communities in times of need.
  • Please share this information with your local elected officials and urge them to vote to officially recognize the legitimacy of the unorganized militia in their respective community.


Virginia 1-13

7 thoughts on “Stand Together To Protect The Rights Of The Citizens Of The Old Dominion

  1. Government Approval “NOT fkn Required”….. What is Freedom, if one must obtain sanction and approval of some fkn municipality, these statements in reference remove the Sovereignty aspect of our freedom…

    Unorganized, by definition (Not well regulated)

    Corporate municipalities, all these fkrs need to be hung as well….seems like they are playing a good cop/bad cop on folks in this Virginia shit. (Don’t worry, its coming soon to all our townships, even out here in the middle of the ocean).

    Yes we should be united against all these tyrannies…..don’t need approval to do that……!

    Or am I missing something here?

    1. Virginia has the opportunity to really show America how and why our rights are so damned important, so far, all I see is hot dogs and fashion shows. Unbelievable… we see these half hearted attempts at some kind of a rebellion, but it never gets far. This shit is all fed to us by the enemy. The real warriors are oiling their ammo loaders somewhere in the woods.

      The term militia is being used to help the enemy in many ways. Tee shirts and cotton candy…the boys in Nevada who came to Bundys ranch to do business weren’t wearing blue tee shirts and holding candy apples.

      They came from other states, came out of the woodwork. These are the real warriors, not these fly by night bullshit groups who eat matzo ball soup and pray while masterbating at a wall.

      1. yup Mark, exactly. And what brought out real folks to Bundy’s was the video of that POS Cop sicking the dog on a pregnant women…it was a proverbial straw that triggered folks to head out there and it was organic with no financing.

        We see what happens when these people are faced with real resistance and outgunning them, their true colors shine.

      2. Thank you Mark, i couldnt have said it better

        “The real warriors are oiling their ammo loaders somewhere in the woods.”

        in basements and garages all over this great Republic , I have no doubts

  2. Stand?

    You’re on your knees begging with your mouth open, slave.

    You get what you f’g deserve. Pathetic cowards.

  3. It’s important we all see everything going on out here, so we can see the trees through the forest of bullshit.

  4. Do not comply. Simple. There.I said it. You do not need county official permission. So you think you need some kind of govt. “permission” to own a firearm? What’s next? Permission to eat, breathe… Some leaders of reclaiming our Bill of Rights y’all be! Sheesh!

    What will you all do when the Noahiders come for your Christian heads? Comply? Bwahahahahahahah!

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