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The Standoff: What if Cliven Bundy is right? – Defending the Bundys

Published on Dec 6, 2017

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2 Responses to The Standoff: What if Cliven Bundy is right? – Defending the Bundys

  1. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Need to start talking about LaVoy and the Hammonds, people need to be accountable. Bundy was right, so were others. One of which was murdered on video with zero accountability, and right on down the line, starting with Waco.

    If it wasn’t for Henry Shivley and others, Bundy would have probably been murdered or sitting in a rat hole waiting to be murdered.

    From the Trenches for all practical purposes, undoubtably had something to do with keeping Bundy a free man, and a alive man.

    Bundy family gets to share supper with grandpa tonight, Finicum and Hammond families get to share misery tonight.

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    His trial was halted because if the truth got out there in his trial about the real reasons this land and property was being seized, it would wake many up to the acts of a few players in the last Presidency and their corrupt acts to gain this property due to whats under the ground they want

    there are guilty, President, Senators, Cops, Secretary of State, BLM, Feds ..and many many more

    this was about what valuable commodity thats under the dirt out there , that this government wants to steal from its people , and sell for their own profit

    a man was murdered over this BS game ..and many put behind bars wrongfully , and had to pay for their defense and probably lost a lot trying to bring this to the attention of this countries people

    WE the People own that land , not the federal government
    the media is also criminal in the lies we’ve all been told to believe about this .. the truth still hasent been put out there

    this aint over

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