State AG: NY undercounted COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The New York State Department of Health may have undercounted COVID-19 deaths in some nursing home “by as much as 50 percent,” according to a report from the state attorney general’s office.

An investigation also found many nursing homes failed to comply with critical infection control policies.

Twenty facilities remain under investigation.

Read the full report.


One thought on “State AG: NY undercounted COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes

  1. If it ever gets to the point where you are forced into a nursing home, for whatever reason, understand your dead. Just a matter of time.

    The scum of the earth, the billionaire kings, Bill Gates and company, will make goddamn sure of that.

    Homes for the elderly is of one of my pet projects, i will die trying to make these death houses transform into a place of content, not a place of horrors.

    Not all of us have family left, our later years should never be that of death camps and forced medications and abuse, no man or woman should be treated like a used up circus animal, caged up to die on cue.

    We should all be screaming and fighting for the resources to make sure life is glorious during our later years, not looking out a death house window scarred to death and neglected.

    Billionaires will cough it up, one way or another, we are human beings, not discarded Bill Gates trash.

    We have punks, literally with 70 billion dollars, stolen from American Nationals. These clowns had better grow eyes in the back of their useless heads.

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