State Department offers $1 million to counter EU anti-Semitism

Arutz Sheva 7

The State Department is offering a $1 million grant to combat European anti-Semitism.

The announcement Friday followed days after the Trump administration sparked controversy in the Jewish community, with the Orthodox praising it and the Reform criticizing it, with an executive order protecting Jewish college students. 

The State Department said it was accepting applications for the funds, which are intended for a single program that would focus on “counter[ing] the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe as manifested through hate crimes such as acts of physical violence, desecration of religious community sites and religion-based discrimination.”

The tender said the program activities could include the provision of “training and resources to law enforcement” on issues such as hate crimes laws and “victim support,” “monitoring implementation of local and national laws” and “engaging in strategic litigation to set case law precedent.”

In February, Trump appointed Los Angeles prosecutor and Iraq War veteran Elan Carr to the post to the post of envoy for countering anti-Semitism.

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