4 thoughts on “State lawmakers considering gun control measures in Richmond

  1. They are there trying to have dialogue with criminals in suits whom could already be hung for what they have been engaged in, let alone the fact that you can not have a discussion about our sacred (Defend with our lives) bill of rights.

    You scum bag maggot traitors.

    And to the wanna be hick voter MAGA mthrfkrs standing there, stop participating in the process of your own servitude.

    Simply tell them the truth, we ain’t Australian. Give it a go.

  2. Hey, this guy @ 1:07 seems to think he speaks for us? He says to Lt. Gov:
    “You want to put it on us knowing that we’ll obey these laws.”
    OBEY!! Ha!! If they showcased REAL opposition we’d hear, “Infringe, and we’ll hang you for TREASON.”


    1. Yeah, that was the ramblings of a bleating sheep. That mentality is why we are where we are today!

      Mealy-mouthed egg shell walkers like him need to be put in their place.

      Remember “just say no”, “NEVER again”, ” not one more”, and the “no means NO” campaign?

      Those slogans aren’t ABSOLUTE SUPREME LAW, but they are as clear and concise as “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” and EVERYBODY understood them!

      Matter of fact, the “gubmint” took THOSE lines and used them to usurp our Rights.

      Them talking down to the People as if it’s open for discussion is grounds for being shot in the face for treason.

      That suit-wearing uncle tom from the kosher plantation selling US goyim down the pike needs to learn some swing dancing after he gets a yarmulke nailed to his head.

      WE are not talking about this, YOU are, and it’s time all your noise holes shut the F up and hang.

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