State senator pushes bill to offer free health care for illegals

KABC News – by Sandy Wells

California could become the first state in the nation to offer full health coverage to undocumented adults.

A hearing is set in Sacramento Tuesday on SB 974, which would “extend eligibility for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits to individuals of all ages who are otherwise eligible for those benefits but for their immigration status.”  

State Senator Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens is the author the bill.

The annual price tag is projected at $3 billion, according to the Legislative Analyst.

Lara has championed Health4All since 2014, and led the successful effort to extend full-scope Medi-Cal to 218,000 children in 2015.

He also introduced a bill earlier this month that would allow people living in California illegally to serve on all state and local boards and commissions

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