Statement From Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt’s Family

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JUST IN: Statement from family of Austin bombing suspect:

“We are devastated and broken at the news that our family member could be involved in such an awful way…Our prayers are for those families who have lost loved ones…and for the soul of our Mark.”

14 thoughts on “Statement From Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt’s Family

      1. From many, many moons of communicating in the Trenches with J.R., I can tell you most assuredly that it is an actual quote…a Jolly Roger quote. 😉 😀

          1. It’s not a real quote. It’s a joke.

            But don’t count it out as possible.

            (if it were a real quote I would have attributed it to the person responsible)

          2. I’m sure he’ll tell ya when he gets back online. 😀
            Like with many of us in the Trenches, it can sometimes take a while to “get” our thought processes and senses of humor. 😉
            JR and I have torn into each other couple of times in the past while getting to know/understand each other. LOL

          3. JR
            You beat me to it while I was typing my answer to her. (You know I’m a slow, hunt and peck, typer.) LOL <3

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