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Stevenson University to host a queer-only talent show

Washington Examiner – by Isaiah Denby

Stevenson University is set to host a highly anticipated talent show next month. The only stipulation, however, is that performers must identify as “queer.”

The talent show is an annual event at the Maryland school, hosted by The Q Group. According The Villager, The Q Group “represents queer students and allies on the Stevenson campus, as they provide a space for individuals to be expressive without judgment.”  

In other words, the group’s talent show could easily be perceived as a campus safe space.

Anthony Plaag, Vice President of The Q Group, stated that the club is “open to expanding to other queer artists and performers from the surrounding Baltimore area” but has not commented on if the talent show would be opened up to straight males.

As self-described in the group’s Facebook page, the group aims to promote “acceptance and support of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, ally, etc. students on campus.” The Q Group “strives to educate the students at Stevenson University about the GLBTQIA community and to encourage a sex-positive environment on the SU campus.”

Some of their past events include “Coming Out Monologues,” “Drag-U-Cation,” a gala, “Relay 4 Life,” and “The Vagina Monologues.”

These events are stated to have provided “the campus with a sense of equality; that everyone is equal.”

Isaiah Denby is a college freshman from Tampa Bay, Florida studying economics and political science.


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13 Responses to Stevenson University to host a queer-only talent show

  1. Darzak says:

    Burn it.

  2. galen says:

    What if just before the show some performers suddenly decide they’re hetero? Oh my, the show must go on, but won’t as planned.


  3. galen says:

    Just realized this also looks like a ploy to get the students to come out, sometimes whether they’re gay or not. And it’s a case of making their sexuality everybody’s business.

    Academia, hangin’ by a thread.



  4. flee says:

    This is so disgusting.

    I can’t even think of a sick joke.

  5. Gillian Maeve says:

    I am on the exec board for Stevenson University’s Q Group and I just wanted to say that we do accept straight male performers. We want to highlight the talents of all of those on our wonderful campus, queer or otherwise. Last year we had straight male performers and we will gladly accept any performers regardless of gender or sexuality. I understand the article did not explicitly say this, but all are welcome.
    Thank you.

    • galen says:

      Hi, if you are for real, and I think you are after Googling your name, please respect those students. Give them their privacy and dignity. This type of showcasing is exploitive. It sells ostentation as freedom and maturity and sets them up for the pressures of conforming. Surely you have seen the steering over the last couple of decades, movin’ in on their innocence and their right of self-discovery and experimentation, their very process of growing up/coming of age. You may argue that this externalizing of personal matters is freeing for them and self-affirming, but they are yet young and cannot fully understand the manipulations coming at them from all camps: media, entertainment, psychology, to name a few. Manipulation is coercion which usually comes with difficult consequences because rather than being self-determined it is other-determined. To really support them, teach them they have a right to their privacy. Connect them with nature and natural law. Make them aware of forces at work chipping away at their freedom and help them face those forces to affect a positive outcome on their future. And remind them that sometimes they will have to stand alone. Thank you.


    • mary in ND says:

      ya’ll looking for some new crisis actors?

    • Martist says:

      Hi Gillian. Could you please provide us with the name of the head of the H Group?

  6. flee says:

    And I will strike down.

    In furious anger.

    Those that attempt to poison my brothers and sisters.

    And you will know I am the lord.

    As sure as the sun will shine.

    Vengeance will be mine.

  7. Jolly Roger says:

    I hate to imagine exactly what “talents” the queer world has engendered in them.

  8. galen says:

    Song – to see lyrics, just click on “cc” in lower right corner of vid:



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