44 thoughts on “Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble “One Night In Texas”

  1. Great post Paul!
    Love SRV and the blues! Saw SRV in concert 4 times in Mi., and the last one before the one with Eric Clapton. What a shame 🙁
    Love the older stuff too like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Elmore James…..
    Stormy Monday one of my fav old songs, Dust my Blues, Black Cadillac… too many to name lol!

    1. yes RT I’m not a connoisseur of the blues by any means, but sure do enjoy that kind of music. Would have loved to witness him in person. He was a true artist.

      1. Yeah, he was pretty Awesome in concert! In the days before security was so I tight, I actually got out back and got pictures of his bus. They told us we weren’t supposed to be there, but they let us walk around and take pictures 🙂 eh, the ol’ days
        Been into the Blues for a long time Love ’em! And some the old Bluesy Cajun music too.
        Love all sorts of music, even some old DeanO

        1. Love ya RT . good one RT cannot do any thing any better —- every botter loves someboter sometimes and we love our family members here in my own opinion . AWE SOME POST RT . DON`T YOU EVER FORGET RT and I mean it

          1. <3 TY Digger, yeah after I posted this, listened to Volare and couldn't get the song outta my head for hrs. lol!

          2. Aw Gee, RT…
            Now you did it to me. I can’t get Volare to stop playing in my brain. LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

          3. man that was a loooooooooooong time ago you guys. I thought i was the oldest person here. hmmmmmmmmmm.

          4. Grew up watching the Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams Shows. Parents never missed them. LOL

          5. I know Angel! It did take hrs. for real lol! 🙂

            Hey Paul, Tuxedo Junction and Little Brown Jug lol! Maybe not 😉

          6. haha i know Angel. just having fun with you. Hey it took my wife 40 years to finally tell me how much she ways. haha. By the way, I aint tellin. 🙂

          7. LOL Paul, I didn’t say 😉
            I don’t believe in man made time, hmmm… so I’d have to guestimate lol!
            Think you are as old as you feel lol, but really my Mom had boxes of 78’s she got somewhere? and I went through all the records. I Do wish I still had them, some of them were kinda deep orange not yellow, some were clay color. I don’t know if they were promotional or for Jukeboxes, hmmmm did they have jukeboxes then?

            Angel saw your comment come in 7:07pm 😉

          8. hey RT got confused. yea old as you feel? well today im about 95 haha. maybe I’ll feel 50 tomorrow. 🙂

          1. Angel. I have Ben Shining and I love it. I love ya !!!! Godcame trough for me . I feel like a million bucks I am re boot ing myself. I feel like a new man Angel

          2. YEAH! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂
            Let It Shine! 🙂 😉
            (You know I HATE Rap, but if you read the lyrics, this one fits the occassion. LOL 🙂 🙂 )
            Happy Saturday, digger!

          3. Digger, my man you are feeling better!! Amen. I am so glad to hear your back and feeling good!! I’m in the South, spring has sprung, spring is right around the corner, for you guys in the north. I have not stopped, I have been cleaning, planting, working my butt off, to get food in the ground. Glad to see you are doing better!! 🙂

          4. Good post Angel, Let it shine! 4:48pm
            With that I have to say nite ya’ll and go listen to some Music.
            Much love, Nite All

          5. Nite all & my best, leave ya with some music I was raised on, this and a heaping helping of Johnny Cash. Nite

      2. Digger,
        Glad you are feeling like a million bucks, but please promise me “No Porch Diving tonight ok?” 🙂
        Sending love and blessings your way! Have a Great One!

        1. I am not even going to say anything as if I did I would make a dumb ass out of myself again.
          I cannot even say how much that I think of you guys here.
          I am just re booting my’self as I said to ya RT .
          You guys are really special and ya all know it too . So on that note I better shut up 🙂 thankyou all, see ya in The Trenches my people

  2. Great post! I saw SRV in Montreal, he was opening for Robert Plant.1st show. He did an amazing 90 min not stop set. When Plant came out it was practically a buzz kill! Needless to say SRV did not open for him for long. May he Rest in Peace.

    1. When I saw SRV Joe Cocker opened for him a couple of times and Ely another, then I think his brother? Would have to look at the tee-shirts I bought to be sure though.

      1. I give Jimmie Vaughan credit for working hard and hanging in there (not saying he’s not good), but he could never, and still doesn’t, hold a candle to Steavie.
        RIP Steavie. Gone too soon. 🙁

        1. SRV always said that Jimmie was his major influence. But I agree Jimmie’s not bad but could,nt hold a candle to SRV.

          1. You are most probably right Angel-NYC. I should have said “one of his major influences”. and not the major. That interview I read was over 20 years ago. My bad.

  3. Right on Funny Farmer I would add Martin Barre to that list myself. Perfect 4 Gilmour, Page, SRV and Barre in any order. Cool

      1. Gee RT Hawk you’re right they are very good. I’ll have to up my list from perfect 4 to perfect 6 Haha.

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