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  1. One of my favorite artists! Saw him 2 times. Double Trouble and Joe Ely opened for him once and Joe Cocker opened for him the other, the last time he played in Mi. before the crash…….sad……

    also checking appears somethings messing with my name…hmmmmm

  2. The first time I heard this I was going over the Bolder Dam going into Vegas for the first time and I said: Damn Sam, somebody had found some new Jimi, a version I had never heard before … but it was SRV’s ‘Tribute to Jimi’ Stevie Ray Vaughan, Voodoo Child Live In Cotton Club 1080P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsrQ-yZIVL4

    If you love this style as I do you had better get them while you can because they are starting to ‘purge’ UTube !!!

    Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan — In Session 2010 (1983) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZB57b3lPQE

    Stevie Ray Vaughan live Montreux Jazz Festival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCwF7uhRaoI

  3. Got to see this Great Artist right before he was killed in that accident

    I miss him and his art , a lot
    I was into his music when all the kids in my school and band were into all this Hair Band shit of the early and mid 80’s
    I was still stuck in the blues , SRV shaped my guitar playing , I could spend hours watching him play

    You are missed Brother
    peace upon your Soul ( ..to soul )
    spread your lil wings .. and its hard to stand the weather without you

    5.5 million albums in the United States is a great achievement with the blues especially during the time he was popular

    won the 1991 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album

    and Rolling Stone ranked him seventh among the “100 Greatest Guitar Players of All Time”

    In 1994 the city of Austin, Texas erected the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial


    1. Enemy of the State
      I miss him too! Sad! Don’t know if you have a SRV T-Shirt? If you don’t I have 2 T-shirts, if you would want one let me know and will see how we can work it out.
      Big Blues fan here! Son House, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Elmore James……Did paintings and graphite of some.
      Another favorite song Bobby Blue Bland, Stormy Monday

      1. Oh! and Enemy of the State, I don’t mean money wise, would be giving it, just trying to work out getting it to you. Am going to try to donate some things for auction here for FTT (Will be going through some things this weekend) if it is okay what I have to donate, and if could put shirt in when send, maybe can do that? Have to check and see what all is okay. Not sure how it works haven’t dontated things for auction before. Anyway if you would just want one let me know, would be happy for you to have one.

    1. Dang! Thanks Angel! Sometimes it works, and as ya see sometimes it doesn’t….smh @ self lol! TY for all you do!

        1. OMG! Angel! I stand corrected! Saw him more than twice (<conservatively and good times, once went with ex, so 1 kinda didn't count, but does lol!) only have 3 souvenirs + pics and stubs, had to go look them up!
          OMG! you brought back such memories! Saved the link! Woot! Made me smile! Good times for sure! Miss my Digger Friend Damn!

          With that memory
          LOL! and I see on that link I said Johnny Cash And put Frank Sr. in there?!
          Here's promised late to post Johnny Cash
          Not sure if will show up?
          Nite to all, and thanks for the memories Angel! <3

          1. Well sheit, give up on posting videos! (not that I won’t try again lol!)
            <3 and best wishes to all

  4. One of the few days I’ve cried in my life.
    Was was when Stevie Ray died.
    I thought to myself….
    Why couldn’t it have been Eric Clapton on that chopper.

    1. Stand guilty with you there flee, if Enemy of the State doesn’t want the T-shirt, I can gift it to you. Would like it to go to a Trencher and true SRV fan that doesn’t have one.

      1. Flee, really if both would like a SRV T-shirt, I could give one to each, I still have a bandana, stubs and pics, so I’m good! You can both just let me know 🙂

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