6 thoughts on “Stewart Rhodes After Action Briefing

  1. This guy is the one who makes sure the beer is cold, and the charcoal is ready for the 2 inch thick steaks. The director of food and beverage. Oath keepers, utter joke.

  2. Seems like being a pseudo patriot/traitor to the republic pays well…….. he looks almost as plump as alex the foghorn jones.
    Lotsa beer n bbq for these pig- traitors.

    To Katies post…. he will find out soon enuff what real men and women nationals/militia are on the battlefield. The only thing you will see of him is elbows and arse when it comes time to fight.

    The fight is already on for us, its just stealthy right now like a cold war, this is why nationals and patriots are harassed so much by leos.

  3. This right eye dominant polyester shirt stretcher is giving out instructions for a govt approved circle jerk as a means to stave off tyranny?

    He couldn’t be as dumb as he looks and I won’t hand him a “stupid card”. He’s a blow hard controlled opposition traitor that deserves to see a shit-dance in 2D from a first-person perspective.

    Anyone volunteering to show up and serve in the sheriff’s pusse deserves the same. They’re too stupid to live.

    The militia does NOT serve the govt.

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