Still with the mask…

No Mask Info

So since Fr. Altman and I spoke about masks

I told him that’s specificaly why I first loved his homilies, because he’s one of the very few priests worldwide to have the grace, intelligence and guts to point that the masks and the agenda behind it are literally satanic.)

So with much of the mask mandates being lifted, even in looney-left Los Angeles, I was surprised today to see the following, when I stopped at a gas station/ casino in Arizona.

At the door they had a giant sign that stated “masks still required, for everyone’s safety.” 🙄🤭

I ignored the sign & walked in to use the restroom. Two women at a table wearing masks started loudly saying “SIR, SIR, SIR!!”

I kept walking and told them that I need to use the restroom and I’ll be right back.

I afterwards returned to their table and asked, “hi, I’m sorry, did you want to talk to me?” One of them said, “yes, we just wanted to tell you that you’re required to wear a mask.” She reached her bare hands into a box of masks to give me one, in contradiction to every CDC guideline on the proper handling of masks, (which just proves once again how stupid pro-maskers are.)

I replied in my fake (contrived) polite quiet voice, “oh, thank you for asking but I have a medical exemption.” (The polite quiet voice is a very hilariously effective tactic, maybe I’ll explain that later.)

The masked woman on the left replied “well, you’re required to wear a mask, medical exception or not.” (Note she used the word exeption, not exemption.)

“Excuse me?” I said, as if I hadn’t heard it. She repeated it as I stood silently & listened.

Silence, smile.

(…More Intentional Awkward silence…. No anger, huffing & puffing, arguing, or protests…)

I then replied , “Oh, I think that your manager can verify that the Arizona attorney General can explain to you that medical exemptions are outlined in state law as well as federal law in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) I’m not saying you’re a bad person or that you’re purposely doing wrong , I’m only saying that management or their lawyers can explain it to you.

“So for example, similarly, you can’t forbid patrons in wheelchairs, or if someone were in your business who was Jewish , you can’t say that you are banning all jews. You can’t say “I can deal cocaine at the soda fountain and have a machine-gun running enterprise because this is private property. This gas station is not “magically immune from all laws because its on private property.” Furthermore it won’t work for you to say “I’M THE CASINO CASHIER, SO I’M YOUR DOCTOR NOW, PUT ON YOUR MASK.” That’s insane. That’s not the way that the law works in the United States. ”

I looked at the two women quietly and waited for a response. The friendly girl, who was almost laughing at this point said “no problem, we’ll talk to our boss.”

The nasty one who claimed that she magically over-rides mask exemptions appeared to be silently fuming, but didn’t protest even one word.

I smiled at her syrupy-sweetly, wished them a nice day and departed. 🤭😅😂

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