Stimulus Checks Can Take Down The Deep State

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8 million people joined in the subreddit group WallStreetBets to stop Big Players from Naked Shorting Game Shop. A Naked Short happens when someone sells stock they do not own. Many of the subreddit participants made lots of money even doubling and tripling their initial investment. A lot of that was financed on a shoe string by people using their Stimulus Checks. Those checks are free money.

The next Big Thing on the subreddit group WallStreetBets might be to use their March Stimulus checks to buy silver. We are told there is already a shortage of physical silver available. This will force Big Players from the Bullion Banks to buy silver to cover their shorts. That will drive up the price of silver.

And there are lots of investors with large funds available who can take advantage of a spike in prices. Many will buy physical silver and others will flood large sums into silver ETFs. There are 14 silver ETFS that store their silver in the LBMA in London. But 83% of the silver available in the LBMA is already held by those 14 entities. With cash flooding in and prices spiking where will the ETFs source their additional silver?

We are told that 1,000 ounce bars of silver are unavailable. And SLV had to notify its customers that physical silver might not always be available so they will have to be satisfied with paper.

Willem Middelkoop, the famed Dutch bullion analyst, tells an interesting story about 2017 when Naked Shorting of palladium ended. The Bullion Banks were caught and burned severely when the price of palladium rose forcing them to cover. They stopped Naked Shorting palladium and the price rose 400%.

Today the spot price of silver is $27.35. A 400% increase would take it to $104.90. Even a 300% increase would be $82.05. We could be certain that the price of silver would at least go past the psychological barrier of $50 an ounce. That would unleash the flood gates.

Free cash from Stimulus checks could easily get the ball rolling. They did it once before with Game Stop.

Gold will follow silver and then it will be the end of market manipulation by the Deep State.

The US M1 Money Supply grew 90% in 2020. Joe Biden is planning to run a $4 trillion deficit in 2021. And Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen just told the G7 nations that we need to Go Big with money printing as if we had not been doing that already.

Those March Stimulus checks will be the last chance for tens of millions of people to protect themselves from the coming inevitable Hyperinflation. The few million with better credit scores can use their credit cards to buy silver paying for it later in the month when the checks arrive. This will push prices higher before those who will need to use their stimulus checks to buy silver. The latter’s purchases will push prices even higher. Then the Big Investors can push millions into the ETFs and force the Bullion Banks to cover their Naked Shorts.

The Deep State will want Biden, Yellen and the Federal Reserve to bail out the Bullion Banks so they can do some more Naked Shorting. But that is not advisable. Bail outs for the Uber Rich is customary but returning to Naked Shorting with silver over $50 an ounce and gold Naked Shorts being challenged will not work.

At that point, the Market Manipulators will be broken. The next step would be the Great Reset, $10,000 an ounce gold and the ending of the Federal Reserve Note as the world’s reserve currency.

People who do not own silver and gold will be hurting very severely. And billions of people around the world will be a lot poorer and angrier even than they were in 1933 when millions of Americans died of starvation and untold numbers starved to death overseas.

Video Rebel’s Blog

2 thoughts on “Stimulus Checks Can Take Down The Deep State

  1. “Those checks are free money.”

    thats a bad thought process IMO

    that Money isnt “free” it is our Tax dollars

  2. It wont happen unless they hold silver till its required for industrial purposes.

    The big banks will just print ETF silver bonds like last time.and drop silver prices and the herd will panic sell.

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