Stoneman School Massacre Teen-Age Victims Were NEVER BORN?

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By: AltPlanetZ

What happens if we search for birth records of the supposed victims? If we do not find any, might we suppose that these “victims” were using disposable, assumed identities? There are certain legal problems with using minors as crisis actors, which could be neatly circumvented by such a method. Minors cannot sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements with the authorities running the drills.

The VAST majority of widely publicized “mass shootings”, are with DRILLS. This is because the “shooting” is actually PART of the drill.

The Stoneman High “shooting” bears more than a passing resemblance to the PROVEN FAKE “Sandy Hook Massacre.” This will become increasingly obvious, as more of our information is released in the near future.


13 thoughts on “Stoneman School Massacre Teen-Age Victims Were NEVER BORN?

    1. He is using to look for births. I looked up all of my grandchildren and none are on there, yet their parents are. Obviously Ancestry doesn’t list live minor children, so you will not find one. However, both of the first two girls in the video DO show up in, not with a birth record but with links to, where their burial is noted with photos and remembrances. Whether these kids are real or not is unknown but a child not being listed on is not proof of anything. Additionally, at least the first two names in the video ARE common names as shown in search results in, not made up names as suggested here. Research for yourself people, and know if you’re being lied to or led down a useless rabbit trail. Life is short, make sure you’re spending time on important things, as it’s costing you one day of your life.

  1. Bizarre. They used some really whack last names on this one.

    Makes me wonder what the letters could be rearranged in to spell out.

    1. Get outta my head, #1! I was thinking about how unusual the names were and the possible significance. I was thinking that perhaps the names and related key words could also be used in algorithm to zoom in on who’s trying to expose them. That camp starlight place is an interesting site. Primarily jooish families from high socioeconomic standing families. I know it’s in Starlight, PA, but even that has more than dual meanings.

  2. This is the type of shit that can happen in a community that is almost 1/2 JEWISH. I really hate to say it that way. If you really want to stay safe stay away from them watch them from a distance. Don’t tell them any thing that is your business it can be the death of you.

  3. You cannot presume that someone was born in a particular year. A friend of mine Is good friends with Meadow Pollack’s dad. He KNOWS she was killed. It was an mkultra false flag for sure but they had 3 shooters who actually killed people. They should get rid of the CIA which does nothing but harm.

  4. This is entirely possible, but it’s something I would look into myself before I repeated it to anyone. Are there search parameters were not seeing on the screen?

    One of them looked odd: Peter Wang, aged 15, was searched under a birth year of 2002, plus or minus 2 years. He would have had to have been between 16 and 18 to show up in that search.

    It looks like the type of disinformation we should expect to be seeing regarding this event. Please check it out yourself before you tell people “none of the victims have birth records”. This might have been produced to make you look silly in the eyes of someone you’re trying to explain the truth to.

    1. I don’t think they’re going to use this event to push for new gun laws.

      I think what they’re going to try to do with this is lower the requirements for involuntarily committing someone to a psych ward.

      A quieter way of rounding up dissidents that probably won’t meet as much public outcry.

      don’t go anywhere quietly — they’ll pump you full of drugs until your brain is melted, and then declare that you’re “cured”

      1. They test the water every time. If there seems to be a potential for gun law, you can bet your sweet bippy they will go for it. Sheriff Israel is saying it left and right and he is the hero of the day right now.

      2. “I think what they’re going to try to do with this is lower the requirements for involuntarily committing someone to a psych ward.”

        I concur, JR.

        All of their direct attempts to confiscate our guns have failed miserably. Case in point… just recently they told Hawaii pot smokers to turn in their guns. a week later – JUST KIDDING, HA HA. Same thing in Connecticut and New York. It just ain’t gonna fly like that, and I think they damn well know it.

        The psych ward option is just the kind of sideways approach these scumbags would take. If they can lock you up, they can take your weapons at will.

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