Stop Falling for the Communist Agitation for Civil War

American nationals for the united States of the Americas, step out of the fray.

After our show of unquestionable dominance in shutting down the attempt to violate our absolute ratified law and jurisdictional authority of the Bill of Rights with the false flag coronavirus, it was the corporate communists who first made their play in true Stalin style to hijack our power to turn it against us as they told us when we reopen our corporations under our corporate authority, you will take a knee and put on that slave mask and accept forced testing and forced vaccinations.

When this attempt was rejected, it was the Marxists’ turn, with the full court press of communist black activists claiming our power, bringing in trained agitators to burn and loot in an attempt to divide we American nationals by race.

American nationals, pull back from the streets and all that will be left are the corporate communists and the black Marxists, all of which are a part of that tiny 12-18% that make up the communist element attempting to remove our ratified law which would allow for neither to exist.

Let them kill each other while we step back and prepare for the real fight which the communists,, are trying to position themselves for.

In the pretended conflict between one another, they are moving armed troops into our streets and into our communities. These troops are not to stop the two factions of communists, but rather to be in position to enforce the forced testing and the forced immunizations.

If we pull our mighty power back from this fray and tell them to please kill one another, they will cease on both sides, but the troops will remain.

Once this communist activity is brought to a halt, we go back out on the streets in defiance of the home incarcerations without procedural due process of the law, hence the violation to our absolute ratified law.

When you return to the streets as individuals living your normal lives, arm yourselves as best you can and try to consider what the George Floyd incident would have looked like if American nationals of every pigment of skin had charged in with knives, tasers, and guns if they had them and left those blackwater corporate enforcers’ mangled bodies laying in the street and George Floyd alive.

This is how we must fight. No more protesting. Violence met with violence, on the spot. And don’t forget to leave a copy of our absolute ratified law, the 10 Articles of the people’s Bill of Rights, nailed to the forehead of each communist of either faction seeking to divide and destroy us or get us to kill one another in yet another orchestrated civil war.

More individualism. Choose your arms wisely and strike like that rattlesnake on that Gadsden Flag. Sink your fangs and pump the poison and let them know that no one is going to take control of the lawful unorganized militia enforcing the absolute ratified law of this land.

Let this be the last time they even attempt it, and be ready for those armed troops when they come to violate the supreme law and your person for their masters, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Carnages, and at the top, the Rothschilds.

Let them know there will be no more riots because the necessary killing will be done and gone within a matter of minutes.

The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we, through tactical logic and reasoning, will wipe these mother f-kers out, and all the agitators on both sides will hang from the lampposts of our streets.

6 thoughts on “Stop Falling for the Communist Agitation for Civil War

  1. I absolutely agree 100%+
    “…Bill of Rights nailed to the foreheads of each communist of either faction…”

  2. B.O.R.C.L.A

    Bill of rights and Common Law!

    Thx Henry, clarified again; for those getting wrapped up in the distractions.

  3. Um…..
    I just heard a Canadian say, like it was common knowledge, that fipa foreign investment protection act is why they have Chinese troops deployed in canada.

    So I looked it up.
    Link after link after link after link of articles about it..
    Then! I find that twice as many are deployed to mexico.!
    Numbers around a million Chinese forces deployed to North America since May 13 2020.

    Not sure what sites we can send from these days.

    1. I’d heard many years ago about Chinese troops in Mexico, based within a 100 miles of the Mexico-US border from Mexico’s borders with South Texas and Arizona, since the late 90s.

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