Stop the Cycle of Perpetual War

I have often wondered as to the thoughts going through the minds of our founding fathers as the inevitable closed in around them.  When I say our founding fathers I do not mean the elitists who would direct others to their deaths, but rather the common folk, whose lives would be changed forever by the upcoming event of our first revolution.

Surely they loved life every bit as much as any one of us does and were wishing they could just live out theirs in peace.  But then, as now, there were greedy power elite who wanted to take the fruits of their labor and make slaves of them.  As I watch this convention nonsense on the stupid box, I wonder about the information the colonists were privy to and the conversations they were having.

To kill and or be killed is no small matter and is usually a last act of desperation.  Of course a hundred years of our people being sent to other countries around the world to “preserve our liberty here at home” has completely confused the reality of actually fighting for home and hearth.  Waving goodbye to our young people as they go off out of sight and out of mind is a far cry from foreign military in our own streets.

In the animal kingdom a mother of pretty much any species will die in defense of her young as surely as a male will fight to maintain his territory and food and water source.  Yet we see the most grotesque examples of human failure in every quarter of our nation these days.

I had always envisioned a revolution based solely on principal, a naïve conjuring of the mind.  The history we have read has always been presented to make war seem a glorious endeavor, of course for the purpose of getting our young people to dash off to the death and destruction always available somewhere around the world.

In the end in reality we will fight, kill, and be killed in an effort to save ourselves and nothing more.  And like our founding fathers, after we have endured the horror and come forth victorious, we will be absolutely awake and aware and we will, to the best of our abilities, put forth safeguards in an attempt to make sure our progeny do not have to endure the horrors of war to preserve their lives, their freedom and liberty.

Right away, the propagandists will take over in their next attempt to twist the reality of the human condition to allow an onslaught of abuse that will lead to another episode of death and dying.  Our founding fathers, again not the elite, would have done well to, at the first opportunity, invade the old empires and leave them in a condition that would keep them from harming future generations.

As we are to be put to the task, those who survive must determine to destroy the evil bloodlines of aristocracy once and for all.  Will this end all war?  Probably not, but it will end the cycle of the international elite, the aristocracy, the Zionist cabal from starting wars through their secret societies.  And that would be a good start.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Stop the Cycle of Perpetual War

  1. Ever heard the story of the frog placed in slowly heating water?

    Unfortunately these zionists control the temperature, they control the branches of Government, the media and the money issue and not we the people who are being boiled alive without being conscious of the fact, when the heat comes to a certain level our energy like that of the frog is sapped. The destitute will vote for and always love their oppressor and are so very great full to them for any false hope, petty handouts, food stamps etc without realizing they are these bastards are the real cause of their degrading condition and poverty.

    The emperor Napoleon said ‘the hand that gives is always above the hand that receives’.

    Perpetual war is their game plan of Conflict, Control and Conspiracy to keep the frogs from jumping out of their system.

  2. I’m going to re-post a comment I made on another article ( that no one else commented on, so it went unread, as far as I know ) because it fits this article almost as well, I believe. It’s about the REAL reason for ALL wars.

    “I have the perfect comment to go with this, that’s from an excellent movie starring Clive Owens titled “The International”. This is one of those somewhat rare ‘truth moments’ we occasionally get in the movies. It’s absolutely the best I’ve ever heard as far as how the banking industry works today. ( this should interest you, NC, movie buff that you are )
    This scenario takes place between Clive, Naomi Watts, and Umberto Calvini ( I forget the actor’s real name ).He ( Umberto ) is telling them about the IBBC’s plans to corner the market on Chinese small arms sales to Third World countries. They mistakenly believe he’s telling them that the profit comes from the sales of the arms, but he enlightens them. (This is verbatim, I wrote it all down.)

    Umberto: “No, this is not about making profit from weapons sales, it’s about control.”
    Naomi: “Control the flow of weapons, control the conflict.”
    “No. No,no. The IBBC is a bank. Their objective isn’t to control the conflict, it’s to control the debt that the conflict produces.”
    “You see, the real value of a conflict, the true value, is in the debt that it creates. You control the debt, you control everything.”
    “You find this upsetting, yes? But this is the very essence of the banking industry.”

    There’s another truth spoken in a conversation between Naomi and her boss:
    Arnie: (her boss): “What you need to remember is, there’s what people want to hear, there’s what people want to believe, there’s everything else, then there’s the truth.”
    Naomi: “The truth means responsibility, Arnie!”
    Arnie: “Exactly! Which is why everyone dreads it.”

    Outstanding movie! I highly recommend it.

  3. The state of the world right now is overwhelming. The layers of deception are so thick and so redundant that I can hardly see a chance at civilization as we know it surviving, if not the death of every mammal on this planet.

    Lies and deception are in constant need of cover up. Like impure metals exposed to the elements, the lies must constantly be painted over with fresh coats of paint. Each layer serves to conceal the layers beneath it, and protect the rusting, rotting core from exposure to that which would destroy it. As the elements tear away at the outer layers, exposing the leaded poisonous covering underneath, new layers of brightly covered toxin are applied to the old, giving the whole sham a new shimmer and gleam of that which it precisely is not.

    I can’t see revolution as a working instrument toward freedom. The very word indicates a cycle that revolves right back to where it started. All of the revolutions in known history have brought freedom, liberty and fair government in words and image only. Immediately the same serpents whisper the same lies and start the process of debt enslavement and war anew. No, I feel that revolution is one more excuse for men to kill each other in the name of idealism, pretty words on parchment paper made just nebulous enough to usher the same self anointed back in control until the next time around.

    I can only see one thing giving mankind a chance at future survival. It is revelation. How that is to come about is a mystery to me. How so many layers of cover up can be stripped away in an instant, exposing the ugly, naked, and impotent blob underneath is beyond my comprehension. One thing I will proclaim, is that no thing has ever been proven impossible. And so, I must believe that a great awakening of men is possible.

    We are approaching some big unknowns with the change of the precession and end of age / beginning of age. The last time this happened is beyond human knowledge, at least that which we are allowed to lay our hands on. I dream of a heightened state of consciousness that will endow men with the ability to sense, see and know men’s deceptions from the past, as they are happening, and before they can be implemented in the future. Perhaps this is the very thing the deceivers fear, and is the reasoning behind their chemical water, crops from hell, poisoning of the planet at large and constant advertisement of fear and woe. Were men capable of seeing the lie as it is spewed, the liars would be marked men. No level of media or cover up artistry would suffice. It is a dream that I have.

    Without something of this nature, the earth as we know it will whither and languish for 10s if not hundreds of thousands of years. She can handle that, she has before, and she can wait patiently for life to return in abundance. We cannot. If something is going to happen, it had better happen soon, and it better happen big, because our time as compliant slave to the haters of life will surely kill us all.

  4. The destruction of the world economies will leave one standing. The Rothschild/British royals Britannia alliance. As planned.

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