Stop the Export of the United States

Well it would seem that the Keystone Pipeline is going to be a fait accompli in one form if not another.  Though the portion of the pipeline that would have crossed the US border, passing through Montana and Nebraska has been shelved for right now, the larger portion of the project, which will run a pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas, will be going forward.

There has been little fanfare over this development for a specific reason, as the completion of this section will prove the assertion that the pipeline represents a benefit to the American people to be a lie.

As soon as this section is completed, we will see another rise in gas and diesel prices.  Why?  Because the crude that could once only reach Illinois and Oklahoma will be able to reach refineries in Texas owned by Israel.

The refineries in Illinois and Oklahoma will be paying the same price for the crude as the refineries in Texas.  And if the Chinese are offering more for the gas, diesel, and other petroleum products coming from the Texas plants, then we will naturally have to pay the markup for the products being produced in Illinois and Oklahoma.  Don’t you just love the world marketplace?

The Keystone Pipeline represents nothing more than another fraud being perpetrated upon the people of the United States for the benefit of the international corporations moving all production to China, India, and South Korea in order to exploit the slave labor there.

I predict we are going to see a big push to tap our crude reserves here in this country, coupled with more pipelines to move our oil to the coasts to be loaded on Chinese transport ships.  Within five years, if these thieves are not stopped, the United States will be the number one exporter of crude oil on the planet.

The crude, like the rest of our resources will be put on transport ships bound for China.  When our crude arrives in China it will go to the refineries that were once ours, but will have by then been dismantled and moved to China. The international corporate mafia are hell-bent on taking everything we own and leaving us in a third world hell hole to serve them as slaves, that is those of us they let live because they will not want to give food to any slave that is not producing further wealth for them.

I tell you all of this is going to occur unless we the people stop it.  Our government is owned by the criminals that are robbing us blind and they will continue to be owned until we make bribery of a government official a capital offense for the briber and the bribee, as it should be, as these politicians who are selling us out are guilty of economic terrorism, insurgency, and constructive treason against we the people and our Republic.

This article was written before the election results from Michigan and Arizona came out, however I will predict right now that blatant voter fraud will have been committed in both of these states by the time this article is published.

We had better get a handle on this election fraud, and quick.  If we cannot take our country back peaceably with Dr. Paul as our leader, we are going to have to take it back by force in a revolutionary war that will make every other war we have participated in, to date, pale in comparison.  Pray and vote for peace and prepare for war.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. As usual in these blatantly fraudulent “caucuses”, Mitt Romney won by a miraculous “small amount of votes”. I think I’ll go puke now.

  2. I don’t hear any complaints from the losers of theses campaigns, although I do believe voter fraud is obvious. What to think?

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