The “Stop White Genocide” Video

Published on Dec 25, 2013 by Johnny Mantraseed

Flooding virtually every White country with oceans of non-Whites, forcing them to assimilate, subjecting them to constant anti-White propaganda and agitprop, and ensuring that those who object are fired (in America) and/or incarcerated (in Europe) is genocide, per International Law.

White Genocide.

One thought on “The “Stop White Genocide” Video

  1. I am grateful to all the women in this video for being able to see the fruits of so-called multiculturalism and to more fully open the door for us to take a stand for honoring and preserving the white race. So sad that some interpret that as racist or supremacist. All races deserve to work for their own betterment and continuance. My eyes have only recently been open to this and the more I look the more I can see the onslaught. I really believe it’s not too late to halt its agenda, but it’s no easy task. At every turn there are the accusations of racism. I guess good common sense, as presented in this video can serve as a model for how to address it. Thanks for posting it.

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