7 thoughts on “Stopped by DOT

  1. Highway pirates getting the truckers just like they do just regular cars.

    Rackin up the bucks. This week there is a long article about the over a million bucks that was brought in to this county from asset forfeiture. SICKENING & ANGERING!!

    Talking about the goodies they buy with the money.

  2. so he basically got warnings over housekeeping issues….sheesh!

    “cover these batteries up so it doesn’t look so scary” LOL

    should have told that pig you had ebola then coughed in his face !

    1. “should have told that pig you had ebola then coughed in his face !”

      Funny! Although he may have shot the guy just of spite.

  3. Highway robbery. I had one pull me over in NJ on i55 because he had someone pulled over on the right shoulder, and the car had his drive tire on the white line, the guy was like halfway in the travel lane. I tried to get over, but it was rush hour and there was a line of cars in the left lane next to me blocking me. I didn’t want to stab my brakes because I was fully loaded pulling a tanker of fuel. So I stayed in my lane, and as I passed him it blew his hat off. He ran back to his car and came after me. He let me off with a warning. He told me I need to either get over or drop my speed. Not really safe to do, guess I’m supposed to kill people or roll the tanker. He was a young trooper, I guess trying to make a name for himself. My buddy had one hop into the truck with him the one day to check the seat belt.. I didn’t think they were even allowed to do that.

        1. Driver facing cam, illegal as hell. What about woman drivers adjusting their bra? These goddamn Joos are walking a fkg tight rope. They pay you shit, and then they want to drill a hole in the bathroom wall so they can watch you 24/7?

          Perverts isnt a good enough word.

          These commies can kiss my ass…

          Get the hell out of that shithole, find a private guy with 4 or 5 trucks. Fk that Joo corporate tripe.

          Look on Craig’s list for trucking jobs in Chicago area. You’ll find alot there, believe me. Dont put up with this shit.

          Driver facing cameras is illegal as hell man… I dont give a shit what anybody says, complete loss of your privacy, FK that… Unbelivable… truckers are truckers because of the freedom of being on the road, somewhat free of the everyday bullshit..Now these cocksuckers want you to put up with this shit?

          Sounds like something Swift trucking would do.

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