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Stossel: The Great American Tax Ripoff

Published on Apr 10, 2018

Tax Day gets a lot of attention, but John Stossel says that attention is misleading, because the April 17th deadline is only for income tax. That’s just a fraction of the taxes Americans pay.

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3 Responses to Stossel: The Great American Tax Ripoff

  1. Katie says:

    Here is a solution to the income tax burden. http://losthorizons.com/

  2. Bill in IL says:

    Hard to put an exact figure on the theft, but I have to say we pay at least 50% of our income into the evil State.

  3. galen says:

    While thinking of your money, if you combine the name of the institution that steals it into one word:

    The IRS = THEIRS.

    And poof!! It’s gone.


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