Strained Resources? Citizen Sleuths Investigate the CronyVirus Pandemic

Winter Watch – by Russ Winter

The Lugenpresse has gone out of the way to misrepresent the high mortality rates in Italy attributed to Covid-19.

Last week, the scientific adviser to Italy’s Minister of Health, Walter Riccardi, felt compelled to clarify the country’s mortality reporting. He stated that there was re-evaluation when examining other co-morbidities, and attributed only 12% to Covid-19.

Italy deceased with co-morbidites 

We see New York City running the same scam as Italy: If you have Covid-19 and die of some other morbidity, it counts as Covid-19.

Even with this misreporting, the U.S. has been shut down for weeks — and perhaps months — and the economy trashed and all over a mere 3,415 reported deaths to date.

And if that’s not enough, now comes a story out of the mainstream media claiming that testing kits are infected with CronyVirus. You can’t make this stuff up.

Despite this, the Crime Syndicate keeps doubling down with new “models” predicting 240,000 fatalities.

There’s almost nothing in the news about the effective treatment using a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulfate. To those who claim this treatment is a “big pharma lie and harmful,” the reality is the opposite. Big pharma and the Lugenpresse are pushing back against this very inexpensive treatment, not promoting it. Secondly, it’s a short five-day prophylactic regime, not a long term abusive drug, and it’s to be used on more serious cases.

Here we have the “Italian” method misreporting taking place in the U.S., as the local Lugenpresse falsely reports the death of this woman’s grandmother, which she protests.

And again.

The other major question raised by the CronyVirus fiasco is the pure theft of anti-terrorism grants. For example, New York City recieved $178 million in anti terrorism grants in 2018 alone, and received more each year that follow. Yet, the city reports severe shortages in basic N95 masks.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports on heavy-handed measures being taken against hospital employees discussing conditions and providing details not conforming to the cartoon world CronyVirus narrative. Despite a supposed shortage of health care workers to respond to the crisis, hospitals on Tuesday announced that any hospital worker who talks to reporters about conditions inside hospitals will be immediately fired. This order includes doctors and nurses.

In an absurdly disingenuous article that labels Covid-19 doubters as “deniers,” NBC News laid out an important reveal to try to explain why some hospitals are swamped and other nearby hospitals are quiet, as observed by citizens on the ground.

Redlener added that some hospitals may not get the massive influx of patients that other hospitals do — even regionalized within a hot spot as large as New York City.

So much for the narrative that New York City is so overwhelmed that they need Army Corp of Engineers to build a special facility at Javitts Center.

With this admission, the powers that be completely fail to explain why stressed hospitals aren’t relieved by the nearby hospitals that have extra capacity.

The story that patients are in the bowels of the hospital in ICU doesn’t hold water either. They don’t just check themselves into ICU. There has to be an intake area or triage. Then, as many as 80% are sent back home.

On Monday, March 30, the much-belied tsunami hit. Allegedly, 500 died from Covid-19 in the U.S. in a single day. In New York 10,929 were hospitalized with Covid-19, and there are a total of 1,550 deaths. John Hopkins University coronavirus tracker can be followed here.

At same time, citizen sleuths — including people who are probably stir crazy with boredom and curious about what’s happening outside their home — were out filming the empty hospitals. In response, the authorities are shifting their tune.

On Tuesday, March 31, New York’s governor (of Italian decent) Andrew Cuomo (D) started talking about how hospitals need to communicate better with each other. We finally hear the admission and excuse that a few hospitals are at capacity while others are empty. He said a system needs to be installed ASAP, a distributed database with a balancing algorithm. Really? How about a simple telephone call?

Then the Daily Mirror aka Daily Fail ran this shuckin and jivin convoluted cover story. What’s with the testing with cartoon world outcomes like this?

From the World Health Organization (WHO): “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Laboratory testing for 2019-nCoV in humans”

“Several assays that detect the 2019-nCoV have been and are currently under development, both in-house and commercially. Some assays may detect only the novel virus [COVID] and some may also detect other strains (e.g. SARS-CoV) that are genetically similar.”

In San Francisco, there was more back peddling.

Very little firsthand evidence exists that any hospital is overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.

A medical courier describes her experience in the empty hospitals and dispenses with the gaslighting.

VIDEO: “Yeah Let’s Talk About Why The Hospitals Are Empty #EMPTYHOSPITALS #FILMYOURHOSPITAL

Royal Colombian, New Westminster, Canada: Dude goes to 2nd floor, empty Covid unit in nearly deserted hospital.

VIDEO: “Pandemic Hunting! Hospital or Ghost Town?

Alleged war zone Brooklyn.

Mack Pavilion, New York City and other empty hospitals and ambulance staging scenes.

Various empty hospitals.

VIDEO: “PROOF Empty Hospitals DURING COVID-19/Corona Virus Pandemic?

Winter Watch Takeaway

We doubt there are many (if any) patients in the ICUs of these hospitals who have no morbidity (pre-existing condition). There could well be some much-smaller-than-advertised number of multiple-morbidity patients in the ICU with a Covid-19 complication.

I would like to see a case study on how shuttering in place for two months while being subjected to non-stop fear porn affects public health — especially among those who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, obesity, heart conditions, diabetes, mental health problems and eating disorders.

Sweden has a lower number of coronavirus cases per million people than the United States,  and Swedes did not shut down their country and destroy their economy.

Hat tip to my brother, who has been channeling Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon and Star Trek’s Landru to get some idea what the wingnuts are up to next after reading “Harvard Researchers Propose ‘Intermittent’ Lockdowns and ‘Widespread Surveillance’ of Americans to Avoid Critical-Care Capacity.”

For added conditioning they could set off modified tornado sirens whenever it’s time to distance and lock-down. They could do this over and over again for years until a new generation knows by instinct it is time to pull out their masks and shelter in place. Teaching children to distinguish between warning sirens will be part and parcel of the greater project. The hearing impaired can be set up with pocket buzzers to alert them of danger. They will create new jobs titled ‘Shelter in Place Responder Providers’, who stop by to check on citizens’ for compliance and to answer questions in case of confusion.

Lo and behold:

Winter Watch

2 thoughts on “Strained Resources? Citizen Sleuths Investigate the CronyVirus Pandemic

  1. Greetings all, I want to leave this here for you to share before they cut us off completely, this entire virus fiasco is a hoax, there is no virus, viruses are actually Exozomes your own body produces to perform clean-up and detox duties, responding to various internal and/or external assaults, which in turn makes you feel ill, maybe what will happen is 5G will become a constant assault on our bodies so we will ALL test positive for the “corona virus” because we will all have bodies that are producing Exozomes like mad trying to clean up and repair the damage? They will use that excuse to continue social distancing and whatever other bullshit they have in mind. They could literally keep this scam going forever! Thanks for the great site!

  2. I am starting to think another reason for all the “lockdown” and “shelter-in-place” nonsense is to keep truth seekers from going to hospitals and outdoor med quarters in order to discover the truth. As well as scare folks and give nosey neighbors a reason to “get revenge” against someone they do not like just because…

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