Strange Rare Orange Mammatus Clouds Form Over US Midwest

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

According to the person that uploaded the video, Jason Asselin, the strange orange clouds that formed over the U.S. Midwest on Tuesday, July 23, looked like “Bubble Cups,” but in meteorology terms  are called Mammatus clouds and are very rare in the Midwest.

Asselin is quoted as saying “All of a sudden it got very yellow outside, it felt strange and mysterious. Then it slowly looked very orange, it was the craziest thing I have ever witnessed over my head. I almost expected to see a tornado or something!  

Jeff Last is a  National Weather Service Warning Coordination meteorologist and he posted some photos on Twitter, of these strange orange Mammatus, or mammatocumulus, clouds, stating they were “a rare phenomenon.”

9 thoughts on “Strange Rare Orange Mammatus Clouds Form Over US Midwest

  1. I heard Wiener who’s running for Mayor of NYC used this picture of the cloud balls and sext it to one of his girlfriends and said “guess what these are”?

  2. God only knows what these weather modification lunatics are doing now. If we’re lucky this will result in the deaths of a few chemtrail pilots.

  3. I see clouds like these 2 or 3 times a year here in the Eau Claire and Menomonie area here in Wi. I have seen orange ones and pink ones. I have seen these types of cloud formations in late june this year, and will probobly see them again this year. I have seen these usually in the afternoon about 4 – 7 pm.

    1. Yes in 1980-81 we had a tornado – in Menomie Wi. – and that afternoon before that tornado came through there were yellow/orangeish/ pink colored cotton ball type clouds. That was when I started to notice those kind of clouds. That was a real destructive tornado.

  4. I’ve seen many strange cloud formations in the past few years, ever since I started paying attention to chemtrails, but never anything quite like this.


  5. Most of the mid-west chemtrails come out of the Air force base near Columbus, OH & have for years. There are a number of different types as we’re seeing depending on the type of chemicals they’re (CIA) experimenting with to interact with the microwave towers energy fields controlled by HAARP throughout the world & predominately in the USA. I live in a Northwest town of about 25,000 & there are at least 15 of these towers within a 3 mile radius of my house. On a regular schedule, mostly on the weekends, the skies are cross hatched with chemtrail & always north to south, east to west & usually 2 jets at the same speed flying parallel to each other. continue to expose & fight for Liberty, Freedom & truth

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