The Stranger (TV 1973)

A movie from the seventies predictive programming.  Not the NWO but the New Perfect Order.

Published on Oct 21, 2012 by ClassicTVM

When his spacecraft passes through a vortex and he is forced to crash-land, astronaut (Glenn Corbett) is captured and led to believe he is on earth. After being harshly interrogated, he escapes and learns he is on Earth’s twin planet, Terra. One family helps him find a way back home. This was a pilot for a new television series, but was never picked up by a network.

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3 Responses to The Stranger (TV 1973)

  1. GrinNBarrett says:

    good pilot but probably prevented from being shown after all some things said were very predictive.

  2. Andrew says:

    The Stranger reminds me of a Star Trek episode called Mirror, Mirror. A transporter accident swaps Kirk, Scott, McCoy and Uhura with their counterparts in a parallel universe that is ruled by force with an evil Spock.
    This movie also reminds me of Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969).

    The Stranger has a good cast including Glenn Corbett, Sharon Acker, Cameron Mitchell, Lew Ayres and Dean Jagger. This was a not too bad TV movie for it’s day, but you wont see any great special effects. The film was a pilot that never got picked up, but it did air on ABC February 26, 1973 as a movie of the week.

  3. DL. says:

    Good find. thanks. Love the non-conformity theme, individualistic.

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