8 thoughts on “Strong winds impacting drivers in South Dakota

    1. That sucks!
      Beresford is about an hour drive from here.
      We’ve had spattered rain but not enough to do anything.
      It looks and feels like rain but nothing.
      The good news in my AO is I finally checked the well water that I was told 370 feet down, is only thirty feet give or take.
      Still too early and windy to put garden in.
      Spuds are going into barrels, and not the ground this time.
      I guess the next couple nights gonna be below freezing.
      Prayers to you
      Be strong.

      1. Prays for you to Hal, we got our potatoes in and that’s it for right now. Could have wrote my name in the dirt on my countertops. Just waiting for some rain before I plan to spring clean, would be a waste of time doing it now. Gonna be one hella job, ya staying strong! Lol

        1. Had some rain here Friday and Saturday. A bit of snow here today then some drizzle, 50 mph winds
          Thoughts are with you Misty for rain SOON!

  1. Blue skies quickly turned to silver ! ! Jets laying line after line after line… CHEM WARFARE HERE!!!! THIS GOV.COM WANTS YOU DEAD.

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