Stuart Varney Attempts to Spread Delusion

The corporate propagandist, Stuart Varney, has stepped forward to prove that there is no lie too absurd to push on his program on FOX Business.  Varney reported Friday that a new study by Globescan, which would be better identified as “Globescam”, said that 58% of Americans believe the rich deserve their wealth.

Who in the world was this intended for?  The middle class, who are about to be hit with the largest tax increase since the New Deal, as they continue to lose their jobs?  The working poor, who are becoming working poorer every day?  Or maybe the deeply impoverished, who see the filthy rich coming after their food stamps?

This is arrogance beyond arrogance.  Varney put an email on the screen from Dorian in Ohio which read, “Even during the Depression, people enjoyed seeing the rich with their limousines, jewelry, etc.  Why?  Because it gave them hope.  When there are no rich, there is no hope for the common man.”

No, I take it back.  This was not meant to fool anyone. This was meant to piss us off.  These despicable bastards have the nerve to call our outrage at their excess a “War on the Rich.”  Oh, the poor rich.  How could the rest of us be so cruel?  To think, they have to watch the Occupiers being beaten in the streets on their flat screen TVs that cover an entire wall or while cruising the planet in their Lear Jets.

I have to believe that this so called survey did not encompass any of the tent cities across this nation.  In fact, the survey was probably done at one of these campaign events, you know, $35,000 a plate.

You know what Varney, you pathetic parasitic Tory piece of excrement?  Keep it up.  I love it, as your fear is shining through.  One day soon, you are going to find yourself in an airport trying to get out of this country before we the people can get our hands on you.

We are going to take everything you have and when you get to Jolly Old England and think you have survived the carnage, we are coming over there to curb stomp your queen and take revenge for a hundred years of oppression.  When we get done with you limey bastards this time, you will be devoid of any capability to ever cause us harm again.  So enjoy your day in the sun and remember, every dog has its day.  Ruff, ruff.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Stuart Varney Attempts to Spread Delusion

  1. That smug smirk on his face pretty much says it all, Henry.
    ” I know I’m shoveling pure, unadulterated sh#t here, but at least I’m not the one wallowing in it.”

    One of these days he’ll be drowning in it.

  2. That fake smile of his reminds me of either William Shatner or the guy who always says, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me”.

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