Student tackled by officers over cell phone tells her side of the story

teentackledKHOU 11 News – by Kevin Reece

HOUSTON — The day after HISD police officers wrestled a 10th grade girl to the hallway floor of Sam Houston High School, the girl and her family protested in front of the campus demanding an investigation and an apology.

In cell phone video first aired on KHOU Tuesday night, three HISD police officers surround Ixel Perez, two of them have her pinned to the floor face down. One officer has his knee pressed to the side of her head.  

“Both of the cops just tackled her down to the floor. They put her knee on her head and after that they just arrested her, took her phone,” said student Gustavo Lucio who took the video on his cell phone. “The cop just said you can’t use your phone and after that, no words no nothing, just actions, grabbed her, threw her down.”

“It was embarrassing,” said Perez outside the high school Wednesday morning.

Perez, with her mom and her brother by her side, described the chain of events that led to the officers wrestling her to the floor.

She says her reading teacher caught her using her cell phone in class, which is against school rules, and told her to go to the hallway. That’s where Perez says she was confronted by an assistant principal who demanded she relinquish the phone. Students caught using phones in class are required to turn them over to school administrators and then retrieve them at the end of the school day, for a fee.

“I just didn’t want to give up my phone,” said Perez who said she was talking to her mom who suffers from medical conditions. Perez said she was trying to make sure her mom was OK.

“She asked me for the phone and I didn’t want to give it to her, because I was scared. I ended up walking down the stairs trying to get away from the AP (assistant principal) and then she had already called the cops.”

The HISD resource officers also demanded she hang up the phone and hand it to them. Perez admitted she refused again.

‘He grabbed my hand, one of them was right here, one grabbed my hand, I didn’t want to let go of my phone because I was on the phone with mom,” she said.

Perez was detained. Her mom says she was turned away when she rushed to the school to make sure her daughter was OK. And as of Wednesday morning Perez said school officials had not returned her cell phone, in lieu of a $15 fee she would need to pay.

“We all know it was wrong,” said Perez’ brother Chris Cardenas. “It doesn’t take three cops to take down one teenage girl, especially a 70-pound teenage girl!”

A spokesperson for HISD would only respond with a brief written statement:

“The safety of our students at Sam Houston High School and of all our schools is always our absolute top priority. The HISD police department and the school’s administration are continuing their investigations of what led to the detainment of a female student yesterday. “

Meanwhile Perez and her family says she will not return to Sam Houston High School. They will attempt to get her transferred to another school.

5 thoughts on “Student tackled by officers over cell phone tells her side of the story

  1. After three of them beat up a 70-pound girl, all you can say about the Houston police is that they’re a gang of faggots who desperately need to have the shit kicked out of them, but in the prison mentality that now permeates the pubic school system, I guess this kind of thing is “business as usual”.

    If you care about your kids at all, you’ll get them the hell out of public schools. They’re better off being completely uneducated than being subjected to the prison-slave conditioning they’re receiving there.

    After a kid gets out of high-school these days, prison or the military is the only place he’ll feel comfortable, and that’s no accident. (we certainly can’t have Americans working. The jobs are only for wet-backs)

  2. It won’t be long now before they murder one of these kids IN SCHOOL over a f#@king cell phone. I agree, little faggots with badges have a hard time with real men but no problems beating up on a little girl.

  3. What sickens me it that the same social structure gets these kids hooked on those damned phones as soon as they can walk and talk and then acts like the kids are bad for being addicted to them. I was in a restaurant one day and the people next to me had a little girl who looked to be about 3 using a “smart” phone with one thumb like she was born with it. Nobody see a problem with this? On that note I spend WAY too much time on this computer. Gonna take a time out myself!

  4. You know, I’m getting really sick of hearing stories about cops just coming up and snatching people’s phones for no reason and the people just stand their and let them. I mean that’s the same as some pick-pocketer coming up to you and grabbing your purse and running away with it. You’re just gonna stand there and not fight back because he has a uniform? WAKE THE F**K UP!!!

    And then if we tried to touch the cop’s walkie-talkie as he is using it on his shoulder, we get arrested. WTF? I’m sick of this shit! 😡

    It’s high time to say enough is enough and fight back! 😡

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