STUNNED TOURISTS Watch As Boat Load of Illegal Aliens Storm Beach

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If you think this can’t happen in the U.S., please see the videos at the bottom of this article. A shocking video shows stunned tourists looking on in fear as a boat load of migrants invade a beach before running away to evade police in Cadiz, Spain.  

The clip shows a large group of migrants approaching the beach on a black inflatable dinghy before they make a dash across the sand in a bid to escape authorities.

“Run! Run!” one woman exclaims in Spanish before asking, “What is it? Men?”
The group of migrants managed to avoid police, who only arrived after the men were long gone.
“In recent days, migrants have repeatedly stormed the border with Ceuta by either attempting to cut through the wire fencing or running through the border post,” reports the Daily Mail.

This is the third video in recent days to show migrants, almost all of whom are young men, rushing past border controls in Spain on their way to Europe’s welfare havens.
Hundreds of African migrants surged past the Spanish-Moroccan border in Ceuta, in one case horrifically breaking the leg of a guard who tried in vain to stop the intruders.

Italy is becoming a more popular route for invaders who literally jump off of a boat and run away before they can be caught:

If you think this can’t happen in the U.S., please see the video below:

Illegal aliens stormed a San Diego beach while tourists look on in shock!

Miami, Florida is also a spot for people coming to the U.S.:

If you’re thinking of making a trip to Spain or Italy, you might want to check out what’s going on there. It’s literally become an invasion of boats full of illegals who want asylum. Very few are from any war torn nation…most of them are arriving for the economic opportunity. Not good for the LEGAL citizens of Italy and Spain!

100% Fed Up

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