1. Ha!! Can you imagine a Trencher sitting in one of those chairs?!! I’m sure we’d see several broken chairs!! Absolutely certain. 🙂


  2. ALL “reality TV” is scripted lol! Those are ALL actors. People believing this is actually “real” is the real mindf*ck! Social engineering these days is seemingly more sophisticated but actually more simple because the average dumb f*ck is way more dumbed down than they ever used to be! This is more like most fictional TV & movies – them telling us how dumb & gullible they think we really are. It’s also why I don’t own a TV & never watch any of their crap.

    1. Yeah, it’s contrived; I thought all were in on it but maybe the young girl wasn’t. Either way, there are older experiments where people surrender their common sense or even their conscience, so we know it’s possible to sway some of the weak-minded. Look at all who are taking the shot, who are just going along to get along. A good thing the strong-minded out number them; I do believe that will show itself as things progress.


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