STUNNING weapons cache found by Russian forces in Ukraine

Jim Stone

Multiple billions of dollars worth in several buildings.

The whole ball of wax. American light anti tank weapons. American mortars. Old Ukranian stock. Stuff Ukraine was assembling. Stuff from other EU countries. Huge anti tank missiles. Huge anti aircraft or whatever else missiles. Even Russian stuff. An entire warehouse full of spent casings to be reloaded. THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX, – AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Ukranian forces abandoned this which means they had no ability to relocate it before being overtaken. That means they are losing. There are enough weapons in this stache to win a war against a major power, the discovery was THAT BIG.

It is not just the first warehouse full at the beginning, they go through multiple warehouses and prove NATO is supplying Ukraine with a dream stache.

See video here:

4 thoughts on “STUNNING weapons cache found by Russian forces in Ukraine

  1. It’s like this
    If you can’t take it, blow it.
    Ya don’t leave anything to your enemy.
    “Do you smell it?
    The smell.
    Kind of smelly smell.
    The smelly smell that smells…………….. Smelly”.
    – Mr. Krab

  2. “There are enough weapons in this stache to win a war against a major power, the discovery was THAT BIG”. – maybe not as big as the Afghanistan debacle, but BIG. Smells of another American SNAFU to me.

    1. This is no SNAFU and there is nothing to show that these caches are in the Ukraine.
      This is just some propaganda being put out to try and get us to believe any of this shit is legitimate, as they give billions and billions to Ukraine through the Biden mafia. And if these caches did exist in the Ukraine, it would seem that they were the ones planning on aggression.
      F-k these Khazarian mother f-kers and f-k the international corporate mafia, in particular the Biden cartel operating out of Ukraine.
      Don’t take $3.6 billion and promise $3 billion of our wealth a month that is actually being divided up among the international mafia members in the corrupt Ukraine, show us an old arsenal and think we’re going to fall for this shit.
      We owe Ukraine nothing as American nationals who can trace their lineage back to the beginning of this country are living under bridges with their tattered hungry children in f-king tents.
      I say this is a propaganda piece. It is bullshit and it is bullshit that I don’t care about because I don’t give a monk’s f-k what happens to Ukraine or Russia in this mob territorial war, as America goes down the shitter. Taking our wealth and giving it to foreigners without any due process of the law will never be acceptable and these international corporate mafia heads hauling our wealth out of the Ukraine to make a part of their private fortune is not going to stand. Anybody who believes anything coming from these pricks defines the word gullible.
      All armament being purchased through the United States Corporation is for the building of the United Nation Army which is going to try to enforce international law upon we the people that nullifies our written ratified by we the people absolute unalienable law of December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights, the united states common law, and the people’s exclusive jurisdiction as individuals.
      We have not only been betrayed, we have been invaded, and as long as we fail to repel that invasion with force, the more of us that are going to have to die when there is no other choice.
      F-k Ukraine.

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