Subpoenas Issued in WikiLeaks Investigation

Documents demanding detailed information from Twitter accounts belonging to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and PFC Bradley Manning were sent from Federal Attorney General’s office to Twitter Inc.   Attorney General Eric Holder is vowing to prosecute Julian Assange no matter how far he has to reach into the law to do so.

The individuals, Birgitta Jonsdottir, an Icelandic parliamentarian and one-time WikiLeaks collaborator, Dutch hacker Rop Gonggrijp, and U.S. programmer Jacob Appelbaum, also had their Twitter accounts subpoenaed.

Holder is attempting to separate Mr. Assange as a journalist from other journalists at the New York Times who also published the information leaked by PFC Manning.  Holder intends to make the separation by proving that a conspiracy existed between Assange and Manning which was perpetrated with the help of the other above named individuals.

Assange is calling the actions harassment and is vowing to fight them all the way.

The attack against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is becoming unprecedented, which makes me wonder exactly what the precedent is that the government is trying to set and how it will affect America’s 1st Amendment communications over the internet.  There is definitely a push on for censorship.  Whenever we find our communication is being censored we should be asking the question, just what is it that they really don’t want us to know?

God bless the 1st Amendment.

0 thoughts on “Subpoenas Issued in WikiLeaks Investigation

  1. Apparently it is not among our rights to seek out the truth beyond what the media will have us believe. If we do, we are accused of spying. Is it considered spying when you’re just trying to find out the truth about your own country? Maybe, when it’s something so far from what the media will have you believe. Which we all know that the Buildaberg’s and Rothschild’s are controlling that. When did it become a crime to tell the truth? I have always heard that “The truth shall set you free”. Except when that truth exposes the American government for the scum they are.
    So then what about all the documents that have been made concerning our government? With hard facts and paper evidence proving how they are playing God with our very lives. Those people, thankfully. were NOT even arrested. So why when it’s something on the internet, with backing proof, that they’re being accused of espionage? Maybe it’s because they were IN another country when they documented the proof about our troops killing innocent people. COME ON PEOPLE! Our OWN troops are finally coming to their senses and turning in proof of the moral wrong doing they are being forced to commit. HEY I have an idea. Since our country is mainly governed under Marshal Law, like were on a ship marooned out in the ocean with a captain to order us around, maybe the offenders should tried for high treason as well for going against the powers that be.

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