Suicide Rate Doubles in France Among Police

Armstrong Economics – by Martin Armstrong

The Yellow Vest movement is turning into a major confrontation demanding Macrone leave office. The French police are now protesting after 28 officers have committed suicide so far in 2019. This is double the amount recorded at the same time last year. While the press tends to focus on complaints of a lack of resources, unpaid overtime, and inefficient management, they are not speaking about the social isolation the police are starting to experience as they defend the government against the people. 

I have written before about the Nika Revolt of 532AD where the local police and troops refused to defend the emperor Justinian. He almost fled Constantinople until his wife directed him to call in an army which was not composed of local Greeks. They came into the city and slaughtered some 30,000 protesters.

What the French police are experiencing is this very same conflict. This is why Brussels wants a European Army for they would have no conflict with the French people if they are not French. The police may yet turn against the French government and if that happens, then we have a French Revolution.

The revolution in Ukraine turned when the police saw that Yanukovich brought in Russians to defend himself. Then and only then did the Ukrainian police turn against Yanukovich and he had to flee. This is standard the development throughout all historical civil unrest movements defining the line when crossed it becomes a revolution.

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5 thoughts on “Suicide Rate Doubles in France Among Police

  1. “The police may yet turn against the French government and if that happens, then we have a French Revolution.”

    Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening here.

    The pigs in this country revel in the fact that they can be as brutal as they like, and get off scot-free.

    They’ll have to be exterminated… like the vermin that they are.

  2. Its gotta be hell living there, especially with all the elitist bullshit , I’d last 5 seconds in that shit hole.

  3. One of the reasons the Czar of Russia Nicholas III had to abdicate even before the so-called “Mensheviks” (precursor to the Bolsheviks) took over in 1917 (February Revolution) was because Russia troops would not fire on protestors of Russian involvement in WW1 outside of the Winter Palace in what was then Petrograd. Supposedly the protestors were just ordinary Russians tired of losing their kin in WW1, not Communists or Socialists. If history repeats, then just as the Bolsheviks eventually took over Russia and the Jacobins eventually took over France, then some hard core outfit right or left will eventually hijack the yellow vest movement of they haven’t already.

  4. we need to take note and change our pig sty’s to run just like theirs …looking for a better outcome though, you know, higher numbers ,, because ‘Merica!!!!

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