Sunday Morning Dreams

I woke up Sunday morning in a cold sweat. I knew I had had a bad nightmare, but could only recall bits and pieces.

As the day wore on yesterday, I finally recalled what I dreamed.  

In my dream a voice spoke to me saying, “If left unchecked, the disease will progress, and within ten years, every person on earth will be required to have a bank account. When you buy a computer, your account number will be coded to your hard drive, and your computer will require a thumbprint to log on.  Before you can open a web page, your account will be opened, and the appropriate “internet tax” will be withdrawn.

Of course this is all just a dream. Take it or leave it…


9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Dreams

  1. Dream no lie. Dream speak true. Dream show future. Dream give warning. Dream say: “If left unchecked…” So dream tell us: much checking to do. Chug, chug, chug.

    Tonight, may good dream come. Show progress, give hope.


  2. Yeah…I’ve been having some very strange dreams lately too.

    Not nightmares though..

    I can say…though they have been a little more pleasant.

    But what I can say is that these entities never move their lips.

    Yet they talk to you telepathically. ..

    And you never see their whole bodies.

    Usually just an image from the waist up.

    Or from the shoulders up with a face.

    Usually no arms or hands either.

      1. I can’t watch the video…

        I’m internet handicapped.

        Well…actually… mentally handicapped too.

        But for some reason the gods enjoy punishing me.

        I think its just for their entertainment they let me live.

          1. Shhh… K …don’t tell anyone .
            This is just bee 2ween u and me….everyone else can just go reed another comments.

            I g ott a type faster befur I turn into Foster Brooks.

            One of my l8tst dreamz was the….

            Kicking Your dadz azz Dream.

            I’ve only had a couple of those.

            My Dad starts acting like my dad.

            Then I finally get tires of listening to his bullishit.

            Then I finally just decide I’m going to finally once and for all kick your azz and shut u up.


            Guess what happens.

            I start to kick his azz.

            And he fkng disappears on me….?

            WTF.. ???

            Okay…. I guess it’s time 2. Zzzzzzz…wake up and take a pee.

            I guess women would have dreams of beating up their moms.

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