3 thoughts on “Superhero Saves Fiancé In Charlottesville

  1. Being to stupid to recognize legitimate danger to your own life and getting g smoked by a car whilst flipping through the air under no power of your own certainly makes you a super hero. Especially in one scene your on the ground shoeless and the next your calmly sitting on the sidewalk side of the truck that was grazed. If there was any super human fest it was the damn challenger hitting so many fat disgusting subhuman commies and still functioning to exit the scene in swift and safe fashion.

  2. Yo, hommie….turn yo muthafuggin’ hat ‘roun, sit up straight! You be on national TV!
    To his credit, he does speak pretty well…he even responded to the white interviewer with “Yes sir”…amazing.
    Everyone in that crowd belongs to a hate group and therefore should have been napalmed right there on the street. Problem solved.

  3. How sweet! He was there to: “Spread Love”.

    Bullsh!t. Explain how he is both behind and in front of the truck at the same time (note position of the murderous Challenger in both views) unless there were mutiple photo shoots. Hence this whole thing is a lying setup; a false flag; a government-sponsored propaganda piece; a fool the sheeple once again because they are so asleep they wouldn’t recognize reality even if it bit them on the arse means to divide and conquer our nation.
    Show this to the skeptics! Just as we can show David F’kin Wheeler at Sandy Hook dressed up in a SWAT sniper gear AND “losing” his son to the mad shooter who never existed, this is DAMNING EVIDENCE that cannot be refuted.

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