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Support Fair Tax Policy For US Sellers & Buyers


Please sign our petition and join the fight to protect entrepreneurs, artisans and small businesses from potentially devastating Internet sales tax legislation.

Dear President Trump, United States Congress and State Governors,

We, the undersigned, call on the federal and state governments to take the following positions on new Internet taxes and support the millions of small businesses and consumers across the country:

  • Keep the Internet as free from government taxation and regulation as possible.
  • Protect entrepreneurs, small businesses and artisans from new taxes, audits or collection burdens because they can least afford the added costs.
  • Continue to prohibit states and localities from applying and enforcing sales and use tax laws on small, remote local businesses who have no political or voting connection to the taxing state.
  • Reject tax policies that raise prices on consumers who shop online with small businesses for artisan, craft, religious, vintage or other niche products because they should not be paying more taxes.


[Your Signature]

Sign the petition here: https://www.ebaymainstreet.com/petition/internet-sales-tax-buyers

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5 Responses to Support Fair Tax Policy For US Sellers & Buyers

  1. Bud Fox says:

    I support NO federal taxes!

    Our nation functioned just fine without it until 1913.

  2. Charles Walker says:

    All taxes are theft or death if you don’t pay.

  3. Former Railroader says:

    The People pay all the taxes in the end.
    The people payed for all import taxes when items from abroad were purchased.
    Is there such a beast as fair theft?
    Is there such a beast as fair extortion?
    Is there such a beast as fair violence?
    ALL governments are illegitimate.
    All governments are tyrannies
    The tyranny only differ in the matter of degree.
    The tyranny of a Republic is just less than the tyranny of a dictatorship.
    How does a magic piece of parchment written by the Elitist
    grant power to an elite group to violently rule over you?

  4. Katie says:

    Anyone continuing to file a tax return around Aprilish incorrectly by way of entering dollar amounts claiming “income” and not using form 4852 (substitute for w-2) is assisting in perpetuating the fraud.

    Ideally, tell the folks you work for that you are not earning “income” as statutorily defined and confined within the context of the code. Don’t sign or cancel your signature on the original information return (W-4) the person or company had you sign, perhaps, when you hired on.

    More than likely, being duped for a lifetime as well as fearing the IRS, they’ll say to you, it’s the law, I’m required by the guv to have you sign this before you can work here. If you don’t sign, take a hike. No problem, sign it, when tax refund time comes around, file correctly. Force majeure folks.

  5. DL. says:

    Simple–if you want to “sell” items you produced (such as books you wrote, published, and had printed…see ads at side), then do it “underground” for cash. When you “sell” stuff through online platforms such as e-Bay, you just might have to “charge” “tax”…. Folks, this isn’t rocket science… Stop thinking you need a third party to “sell” stuff! Problem solved.

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