6 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice Roberts is/was being blackmailed.

  1. Would this maybe have anything to do with the murder of Justice Scalia–about 50 miles southwest of where I live…. and what foreign nation-state had been blackmailing him? The same one that Mossad agents Epstein and Maxwell worked for maybe?

  2. You expect us to believe this POS is being blackmailed? He knew exactly what the fk he was getting into. HANG THE MTHR FKR…

    What, there are pics of him doing little boys?

    And the rest of the commie ass hats. Life long traitors, once your in, you dont get out, fk em…

    Its real hot where they’re going.

    Strap a magnetic tool tray to their chest, pace off 50 yards, drill the mother fkr.

    1. Pretty much

      I’d say the whole bunch needs to swing

      Hot where they are going , maybe we should arrange the journey

  3. These scumbags get blackmailed becuz they WILLINGLY partake in the debauchery. So whst if he was blackmailed…. HE VIOLATED HIS OATH OF OFFICE WITH DELIBERATE MALICE…..THATS A HANGING OFFENSE. PHUKK ‘EM ALL. SICK OF THEIR BULL SHIITE.

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