4 thoughts on “Supreme Court Strikes Down Qualified Immunity Claim

    1. Steve thinks that we are crackpots for supporting Common Law. He is a lawyer after all, and his oath to the BAR Association
      makes him just another neck to be wrung.

  1. Separate set of laws for thee , but not for WE ,cannot exist in our Republic

    If someone knows they can get away with a crime because of the Union they belong to , immorality comes in hard , fast and ugly
    And when WE decide not to be trampled by the tyranny , they lash out in the most evil ways. And make the story out that we are the problem

  2. Created by an illegal entity, by a group of scum bags who prey on children for sex. My hemp rope is qualified immunity
    This clown in the video talks alot, but never says anything, another talking head waiting for his big chance for a Fox News paycheck bonanza!

    Why am I watching this asshat?

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