Supreme Court will Define Levels of Tyranny to be Sanctioned

The Supreme Soviet (The Supreme Court) will be further defining the dictatorial powers of the socialist insurgents over we the peasants of the United States today.  The issue at hand is socialist mandatory health care, better known as Barrycare.  This healthcare legislation was written by and for the health insurance industry.  It violates our Constitution on its face as it presumes that the government has authority over we the people in reference to our personal decisions on health care.

If the legislation is upheld, it will be yet another example of the totalitarian takeover of the United States.  Under our Constitution, our servants can have no power to tell us how we must spend one penny of our money.

If parts of the legislation are upheld, this will be an example of corporations writing unconstitutional laws which are being implemented and enforced by traitors who are bought and paid for.  We as American nationals have lost all access to our government and its mechanisms and are having a socialist dictatorship crammed down our throats.

All statutes and laws created by the federal government can only be implemented within the boundaries of Washington DC.  The federal government has zero authority to enact or enforce any law that so much as implies the smallest infringement upon our constitutionally guaranteed rights.  The fact is even to talk of such things is high treason by definition.

Our rights are God given.  We are born with them.  They are omnipresent and we possess them at all times to the extent that we enforce them.  Anyone who believes a government of any kind would aid in confining its power by enforcing individual freedoms and liberties is a fool.  We can no longer call ourselves a free people as we are being controlled in every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave.  This is a condition individuals with free spirits cannot long endure as it suffocates and eventually snuffs out life.

It has reached the point in the United States to where even passive resistance to the tyranny is being met with brutal reprisal.  Arm yourselves and prepare to fight for your lives because this is what our compliance to tyranny has led us to.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

16 thoughts on “Supreme Court will Define Levels of Tyranny to be Sanctioned

  1. The Constitution is key, we were blessed to have the founders of the state formulate in writing a protection against the chosen ones that are stealing or wealth, liberty and lives. The Constitution formulates clearly ‘we’ the people rather than ‘they’ the entitled. From the bottom up the money, the laws and against wars of aggression are for ‘we’ the people once the constitution is followed, not ever from the top down. We live in a topsy turvey world of ignorance, turn the thing round and see your rights to your own wealth, liberty and to no more wars.

    Their FIAT usury, the laws of their CONgress and their WARS of Hitlary the hun are all strictly for the entitled ones to be entitled to all our wealth, all our liberty and our life, they are completely against the constitution of ‘we’ the people. It is one massive sham, we have allowed these scum to muddy the water and so we have these divided loyalties which allow these love childs to rule and conquer both our nation and all the nations that do not accede. To know the enemy read again the benjamin Freedman transcript:

    Either we become constitutionalist like Ron Paul and will have only Ron Paul as our President or we are destined to be deprived of our human dignity like Rand Paul, Romney, Obama and all the political prostitutes of the entitled. One question to each and all of us ‘Do you want to prostitute to the entitled, is that your destiny?’

    There can be no compromise ever with the entitled, they are completely depraved scum, in their religion they do not have any word, nor any respect other than to the chosen ones which they call doing Gods work. Read the Benjamin Freedman transcript as in every word of it, it is written clearly in black and white, written by an insider, accept no Christian red herrings, no compromise whatsoever is acceptable in dealing with our enemy within.

    Clear your mind of all prejudice, all former education, look at the world today, look at their system of usury, laws and wars and asks how do you benefit as in ‘we’ the people of the United States. Look at Henry’s headline THEIR SUPREME COURT WILL DEFINE LEVELS OF TYRANNY TO BE SANCTIONED, it is not OUR SUPREME COURT that will DEFINE Levels of Tyranny to be sanctioned. Wake up and see the CON being perpetrated against the Constitution of ‘we’ ie you and me the real people that matter in our Country and not the compromised by dual Israeli citizenship, it is not their country, it is not their political system, their courts, their wars unless you feel you are destined to be their prostitute and one more of the compromised class of citizen.

  2. Well Mr Shivley, what do you think of our country’s balance of power now? I think our supreme court has thrown that out the window with their upholding of the obamacare individual mandate. You may notice that it says that MOST will be required to purchase this insurance. The reason that is Most does not include the congress or the white house and their staff nor the supreme court They get a free ride for health care at our expense.

    God help the USA

  3. The question is who is going to fight for the constitution, not the Supreme Court, not the politicians and we the people are ill equipped.

    November elections are a big if at best and most likely a guaranteed whitewash with their media propaganda, vote rigging and the in your face disrespect for the peoples’ constitution.

    A very sad reality for want of patriots.

  4. @ US Marines

    Timing is everything, the people have to snap before a patriotic call to arms means anything. Any show of resistance in a physical or armed sense or out of the ordinary in any way would play precisely into their plans. FEMA camps, indefinite detention and they divide and conquer.

    The STRATEGY has to be the November election, people have still time to reflect and get mad. The economy gets worse each day that passes, the tyranny from law enforcement gets worse each day, the disrespect for the people gets more in your face.

    Respect is a two way thing, if the entitled show enough disrespect to the people then the people show disrespect to the entitled. The November elections are the key.

    It is Ron Paul in November 2012 or we get to live in Animal Farm. Forget about 2016 by then there will be no way out. Just get used to it.

    Read or re-read Animal Farm by George Orwell it is a short easy read.

    Get behind the Ron Paul revolution and stay within the law is the best possible advice for true patriots. Our strength is in numbers. The Ron Paul revolution is a dignified accepted political movement for the people and it will work if we the people stay the course and remain sufficiently determined.

    Think like a strategist, understand the enemy, their weakness is the light of truth, have a clear goal that is to be achieved and then use all your energy to see it though. Stay the course together with all Ron Paul supporters as protection, you then are not alone or exposed to the entitled ones tyranny.

    1. Dear Dave2,

      Your are quite right in that any form of confrontation will give our treasonous gov’t the excuse to exterminate any such open display of defiance, and they WILL use overt and brtual force to destroy (kill) ANY display of rebellion and to intimidate others into submission.

      I do not advocate the use of violence to free ourselves of this tyrannical gov’t,… the US Fed Gov’t will push people into that on its own.

      There are legal and peaceful methods to seek abolishing this perfidious gov’t, but the window to use those avenues are quickly closing,.. by design of our traitorous gov’t.

      Although you suggest the voting box,.. this is where I tell you, and all Americans, relying on that is as fool-hardy as it comes.

      It has been shown time and time again how the DieBold voting machines are wholly corrupted (well, the memory card system is).

      The mere fact you suggested waiting and voting shows you do NOT really understand the enemy at all, or the level corruption and control they have already asserted.

      The next President of the USSA, has ALREADY been determined,.. in Israel.

      The American people have NO say in who our next President will be,.. WHAT-SO-EVER!

      This can not be stressed enough!

      However to address your thought on this, even if Ron Paul did win,.. the moment he tried to expose the Shadow-Gov’t, or failed to carry out the instruction of the NWO,.. he would be assassinated forthwith,.. bar none.

      So do not rely on a method or system which has zero chance of succeeding to begin with.

      The only problem with instituting change thru peaceful methods is that requires the participation of the masses, most of whom do NOT realiize they have been infused with Manchurian Behavior Characteristics via Bernaysian Condition Techniques,.. the very same methods and techniques used by Joseph Goebells to condition the German people in WW II.

      One of the great Hall-Marks of Bernaysian Conditioning (See: Edward Bernays) is that, people don’t even realize they have been brainwashed, they will deny it outright when confronted on it,.. and even FIGHT to defend the very lies and distortions they should be fighting to expose! Its brilliant,.. hence why it works so effectively!

      What is needed is a group of Patriots dedicated to restoring the US Constitution as our basis of gov’t, as the Constitution has already been Voided Explicitly by the Supreme Court and Implicitly by the failure of our psychotic Congress to uphold its fudiciary responsibility.

      A well formed group of Patriots, and a well defined Startegy and set of Tatics are sufficient to initiate real change, hence why DHS, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA and a host of other alphabit agencies are scouring the country looking for any such group of,.. “terrorists”.

      NOTE: The real “Terrorists” IS the US Fed Gov’t and ALL its Criminal Agencies. Patriots are merely seeking to RESTORE the Constitution as the basis of gov’t that the Fed Gov’t, the Shadow Gov’t ,and the NWO has destroyed.

      Since we already know that this treasnous gov’t will NEVER go quietly, even if done thru completely legal channels,.. in the end, there will be a shoot-out between the American people, and the our self-proclaimed jailers, the Treasonous US Fed Gov’t.

      Best to be ready for that day NOW, as it may be closer than you think.

      Warn your family, friends, neighbors and all manner of Americans to be ready.

      JD – US Marine – Defender Of The US Constitution.

    2. Dear Dave2,

      I had also wanted to mention that reaching our November “Election” process does appear to be in grave doubt at this time.

      It has already been decided that Syria will be the crucible that WW III will be ignited on, with Iran being the desired prize, although the lakes of crude oil that Syria is sitting on will not be a bad consulation prize for the NWO either.

      We also have clear indications that a major False-Flag event will be triggered between now and November, possibly even in London during the games, as evidenced by the shoddy prepp work of G4S, the company contracted to provide security with the estimated 100,000 military troops, and estimated 200,000 coffin capacity.

      The Eurpean Banking System simply has already passed what is technically called is Bifurcation-Point, and could suffer total systemic collapse anywhere from a few seconds from now to several months from now,. but several weeks or less being the most likely.

      This does not take into account Russia, China, or Turkeys agenda that has both military and political intrigue woven thru them.

      No Dave, expecting anything remarkable from our November Elections is playing directly into their hands… and I am also suspect of anyone who would suggest to “wait” until the November elections, as both “waiting” and “voting” will be useful only to our psychotic gov’t and its paymasters at the NWO level.

      If you wish to actually restore America, ACTIONS,.. will be the basis of change, not waiting or voting, as those two tactics will provide only worthless results.

      JD – US Marines – With A Call To Action To Other Patriots.

  5. If we all say we want our way of elections to go low tech because it has been proven enough to us that any other way is Election Fraud. Write in (Mark a big box) by each name PRIVATELY. Hand count with as many US citizens watching as we can get at each place to keep the count as correct as we can get it.
    Call each “representative” (I use that term loosely) and let them know that we want ALL domestic enemies, traitors, treasonous jerks arrested and prosecuted and the method we are using to determine who meets what requirement is how well they kept the Oath – reminding them that the penalty for treason, traitor, and Murder (illegal wars, Fast and Furious) are still the death penalty.

    They are not quite ready or they would have implemented more then they have. So if we stop it now, of we make them doubt, if we make them understand that this is OUR country, and OUR legitimate government is a Constitutional Republic with the Constitution of the United States as our legal constitution and we REFUSE to turn over and let them walk in and have it. Things might make a difference.

    But it is up to us. It is up to us to help the police and the military understand that they are working AGAINST our nation (much like what happened in Germany when their legitimate government was taken over from within.
    Read the “Opening Statement” by Justice Robert H. Jackson, Chief of Counsel for the United States
    about the Nuremberg Trial an what was done, and found. It is what is happening here, now; and over the last few decades like what happened there in Germany.

  6. The problem is that we are all correct in our thinking and observations, Ron Paul has brought us to knowledge and his agenda for Government is the Constitution with an end to the entitled ones money though their private FED and repeal of their laws. Without control of the printing of money they are as good as finished and without their laws they have no control.

    Ron Paul should be allowed to finish what he has started, he know the entitled, he works with their prostitutes for the past thirty years and he understands the people. It is dignified and we should act with dignity. I also agree with Cal that the vote rigging would not be a problem once the people get behind his election. If heaven forbid he were to be shot then the people would react without impunity on the entitled and they fear this for their own lives. When do the entitled fight a war themselves, they are hot air.

    November is not very far away to keep the faith, we have no proof that an Olympics tragedy would be perpetrated, look how they over reacted in Chicago, they are pure scum and they like to intimidate us whenever possible. The situation in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Russia and China against the NATO war machine could well be a stalemate as Israel is a coward and a loud mouthed bully, the entitled do not want to lose the seat of their kingdom and may well back off when the Ice Man Putin barks at them.

    Undue haste may create undue results. Let the entitled make complete fools of themselves as they are rattled by Ron Paul and they are rattled by China and Russia standing up to them, their banking system is on the rocks, they are finished just pretending to be in control. The internet daily exposes their sham system to control our wealth and liberty. When people need to they wake up just as Russia and China appear to have they do, the people trust these evil overlords up to a certain point and then say stop, enough.

    Personally I do not want to see the people being harmed any longer than is necessary, but I also have some faith in human intelligence being triggered to change their destiny when the threat against them is grave.

    All is not lost yet in fact it may only be beginning. United we win divided we fall. Ron Paul has enormous support and we have protection in numbers. If he is not the candidate in November then perhaps we need a plan B, however as of now he is plan A and has the opportunity to win for the constitution and the people without the people being harmed during the take down of the entitled ones.

    1. David2,
      We will back Ron Paul all the way and pray he wins, but there is something you need to come to grips with. If we cannot get Ron Paul elected, we are going to have to fight. And if we do get Ron Paul elected, we are going to have to fight.

  7. First: the Constitution created the problem of one big government-see the Anti-Federalists. Second, only the Bill of Rights-already in Virginia and thus not unimportant-made the Federal system palatable. Third, the Civil War did away with all that anyhow and the outcome created the corporate state that is only applicable to D.C. but importantly chaptered in by every state by the date they joined or rejoined the Union of States.

    Okay. So let’s move forward. For a variety of reasons we are still more or less free. Far more free than other industrial states. Less free than we need to be. Interestingly we could have another Constitutional convention and tear down the Federal government and return power to the states. The difficulty of course is that there is no reason to assume our lives would be different or better.

    I know not for you, but my state government in California is perhaps more dysfunctional than D.C.

    Evidently the problem lies in the fact that no man has the right to life outside the welfare state. In other words, you are set free to starve under one notion of good government under Das Kapital or set free to be taxed to sustain someone able bodied but too incapable of working for Das Kapital under another. How to square this circle is politics. All of us are free or none of us are free. Money though is not what makes one free.

  8. The SCOTUS is NOT loyal to the American constitution or its people. By oath and definition, jesuits and jews are loyal to the Black Pope and The City of London. Welcome to slavery unless you want to help impeach the buggers.

  9. Henry could not agree more, we must fight as never before for our God given right to our wealth and our liberty. There can be no compromise it is a case of all or nothing, give these bastards an inch and they will take a mile plus the roof over your head. It is non negotiable when dealing with scum, part of what I have been commenting is that we must each recognize how they always win through divide and conquer. The question for each of us is how to fight the system of the entitled and win. The marines fight with force and Ron paul fights with knowledge.

    I favor Ron Paul as we need a statesman to lead us. However we must be prepared to fight or at least the threat must always be there or the spawns of the devil will continue to treat us as a joke.

    This is serious, this is our liberty.

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